Home Diet and Fitness You Need To Have THESE 4 Amazing Snacks in Your House

You Need To Have THESE 4 Amazing Snacks in Your House

You Need To Have THESE 4 Amazing Snacks in Your House

You Need To Have THESE 4 Amazing Snacks in Your House

Food is THE very best way to get the nutrients that your body needs over the course of the day, but sometimes feeding yourself properly can feel like a whole other day job in itself, figuring what to eat, how to eat, how much of it to eat and then having to prepare it in a way that you find appetising. It’s hard, not to mention time-consuming, to do these things each and every day. This is why it’s an amazing idea that you should consider to start bringing some healthy snacks back from the grocery store and into your house. Why? Because they’re quick and easy to grab, they’re super-healthy when it comes to boosting your body throughout the day and they taste absolutely delicious.

Our top picks for healthy snacks that should be in your house…

  • Walnuts

Up first, the walnut, this bumpy little nut contains a ton of vital nutrients, in a small amount of food, therefore making it easier for you to grab and snack on the go… A single ounce of these nuts provides a whopping total of 183 calories, 3.8g of carbs, 4.3g of protein and 18.3g of fat, making it an extremely nutrient-dense that you should definitely consider snacking on. They even have health benefits for your, seeing as studies have shown that walnuts actually can reduce the risk of things like heart attacks and other heart ailments… It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

  • Ginger chews

One of my personal favorite snacks to eat, ginger chews, ginger itself is an absolute beast when it comes to health benefits, some of which include fighting joint pain, reducing nausea and improving your digestion, just to name a few… Because of all the benefits it already has, it’s obviously a great option for this, unfortunately, eating ginger plain/by itself requires certain attributes that most people do not possess, so with ginger chews they put delicious crystallized sugar on the ginger, dry the ginger to slightly dull the strong taste and BLAM! You’ve got an absolutely power-packed, super-yummy snack that you can chew on anytime you want.

  • Frozen bananas

This one’s a bit different, most people might have never even thought about it as a possible snack, but trust me, they’re absolutely delicious… Seriously, throw a couple of peeled bananas into a bowl, then throw them in the freezer, let them sit overnight and in the morning, KABOOM! You’ve got several cold, hard bananas, all of which literally taste like candy, if you don’t like bananas to start of with, well you should try this anyway, they’re just THAT good. Just one frozen banana contains, on average, 105 calories, 27g of carbs, 1g of protein and absolutely ZERO grams of fat.

  • Hard boiled eggs

We’ve talked about the amazing health benefits of eggs on multiple occasions, and for good reason… Unfortunately, cooked eggs are definitely not a good thing to take with you, nor are they a good thing to store in the fridge until you need them… But, have no fear, because hard-boiled eggs are the perfect solution to this predicament, combining the tons of awesome health benefits that eggs have, with the super-easy portability that something like nuts and seeds have. If you’d like to read more about eggs and how they can help you and your body, click over ==> HERE.


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