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Why You Need To Stop Drinking Out Of Plastic Bottles and Containers


We all have heard some sort of health advice at some point in our life. Whether on the internet, from a friend or wherever else you might hear something like that. Because of this we all have a sorta kinda good idea about some of the healthy things and some of the extremely unhealthy things that we can do to our bodies. Something that we all know is healthy for us is eating only the cleanest, most natural, pesticide-free food. But something that we often don’t know, or at least don’t pay attention to, is what our food is stored in… This often leads to us consuming chemicals and other bad things that we don’t want in our bodies. What we need to do in order to combat this is to eat and drink from glass container and bottles, not from the plastic that we find so often in our supermarkets, refrigerators and pantries.

Today we’ll be breaking down just a few of the reasons why you should stop drinking and eating out of plastic so much. Enjoy!

Reason #1: This is probably the biggest and most important reason of all… It’s called leaching… Leaching, also known as “plastic leaching.” Multiple studies have shown multiple times that a plastic bottle, such as a water bottle, The biggest reason to avoid food packaged or bottled in plastic is leaching. Studies have shown over and over again that plastic bottle breaks down and plastic molecules actually leach into the food itself. This is a very well known in the food industry and is call “plastic leaching” This simply means no matter how natural or pesticide-free your food is, if it is packaged in plastic, you’ll soon be consuming plastic with every mouthful.

Reason #2: Glass is more environmentally friendly. Glass outlasts plastic in the recycling process and you can repeatedly use and wash glass without it losing its shape, durability or cleanliness. Also, when you make a new purchase of a product packaged in glass it likely to have been made with recycled glass. Plastic food containers on the other hand are “downcycled”. This means that when a plastic bottle is recycled it is turned into other types of plastic products. So when you purchase a plastic bottle, it is made from new plastic.

Reason #3: A single glass bottle can be used for many different uses throughout your home and office. For example, let’s say you purchase tart cherry juice in a 16 oz. glass bottle. After you consume the product, you can now use the same bottle to store milk or any other liquid food product. It can also be used as a flower vase, container for spare coins or maybe a place to show off all of the sea shells you collected while you were on vacation. After all of these different uses, you simply wash the bottle thoroughly and reuse it again. Make sure to purchase new lids, too to ensure food safety.


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