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These Are The Reasons Why Bananas Are So GOOD For You…


Bananas are one of the top most consumed fruits in the world, they may even be number one in the United States… And it’s for a good reason, or actually several, you see, bananas are super healthy for you and it’s really a shame that more people aren’t aware of just how amazing they are for you and your body. Today I’ll be teaching you about all of the benefits that you can get when you start eating more bananas.

And now, without further ado, let’s get started with the list. Enjoy!

So, to kick things off we have the fact that the regular, average, normal medium sized banana (about 126 grams) gives you an astonishing 30 grams of carbohydrates, 2.5 grams of fiber, 1 gram of protein and only amounts to the surprisingly small number of about 100 calories. Not only that, but bananas naturally have zero cholesterol, sodium and fat.

Onto the facts, what bananas can really do for you.

#1: Lower The Chances of Children Developing Asthma:
There was once a study done, not too long ago, by the people over at the Imperial College of London. According to that study in particular, the children who ate one banana every day were, in fact one third less likely to develop symptoms of asthma when compared to the kids who were not on this banana-eating regimen. Wanna know the reason for this? I’ll tell you! It’s because bananas are a natural source for something called pyridoxine, a vitamin that also goes by the name of Vitamin B6.

There’s a a lot of things that Vitamin B6 does your body, one of the many things it does includes supporting and relaxing the bronchial muscle tissue (an important component in your lungs) in the body.

#2: Improve Your Overall Heart Health:
Bananas are an great source of potassium, an electrolyte that has a ridiculously long list of health benefits. After you eat eat it, potassium is absorbed straight into your bloodstream from the intestinal walls. The potassium then flows all around your body and helps to balance all the fluid that’s balanced around your body’s cells. This how your body keeps your heart from stopping, so if you want your heart to pump strong for as long as possible, then potassium (and bananas) is your friend. If you are SEVERELY deficient in potassium. Just so you know, one banana, one average, delivers a whopping 358mg for potassium.

#3: Help Out With Weight Loss:
Bananas are great for weight loss. Delivering a natural sweetness to help satisfy your sweet tooth while limiting calories, about 100 calories per one medium size banana, it’s a great weight loss food. Also, this yellow fruit contains soluble fiber, which means it absorbs water and slows digestion thus helps making you feel fuller longer. Helping you not over eat, without feeling less hunger pains

#4: Improve Regularity:
Delivering over 2.5 grams of fiber per banana, you’ll soon find your bowel movements easier to pass and softer, too. The combination of the fiber and soluble fiber it helps to clean everything moving as your body passes.

So simply enjoying one banana as a quick snack or cutting it up to serve over breakfast cereal your body will benefit from a variety of vitamins and minerals.A


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