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Where To Buy Apatone?


If you found this article, you may be wondering where to buy Apatone? It’s no surprise that “Apatone 2018” is one of the hottest searches in google right now. And it’s for a good reason. But before we get into the details of where to buy apatone, lets first go over some history.

Apatone and Cancer

The funny thing is that the ingredients in Apatone, Vitamin C and K3 had been researched for cancer treatment with mice since 1968, but the magical 100:1 combination had not been patented yet.

In 2003 what some are considering to be one of the most interesting achievements in cancer research came to a halt. In a phase 1 FDA trial, by IC Med Tech, 17 prostate cancer patients who were not on chemotherapy received a 100:1 ratio of Vitamin C and Vitamin K3. The results were astonishing…the patients got better. The Apatone was actually used in a pill form and almost completely stopped the acceleration of PSA growth!

Over the next 12 years IC Med Tech spent spent millions of dollars in laboratories and research to try and bring Apatone to market. Unfortunately like many other it was very expensive to make it through the entire FDA process and the progress of Apatone was stopped…Or was it?

Where To Buy Apatone

Editors Note: As of the publication of this article the only place to get Apatone is through Uno Medica. They are the only licensed manufacturers of real apatone.

Just when it seemed like Apatone would be lost to the world, IC Med Tech got creative. In 2016 they brought the ingredients in Apatone, to the world famous cancer research hospital, CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico.

CHIPSA has a rich history of being on the forefront of advanced immunotherapy and cancer treatments.  They have been pioneers in this field  for over 38 years, so when the idea of Apatone was suggested, it was a no brainer to add it to their treatments.

Since then CHIPSA has used Apatone on over 300 patients and have seen great results. In fact, they’ve added Apatone to nearly all of their protocols

Until now they only way to get Apatone was through an IV at CHIPSA Hospital. But, IC Med Tech has with, UNO MEDICA, a high grade manufacturer to bring the formulation of Apatone, in a pill form, to the world.

The pill form is exactly what they used in the FDA trial.

Vitamin K3 is unavailable in the United States and Canada, but Uno Medica has been able to get the 100:1 Ratio of Vitamin C and K3 in Apatone+, approved as a supplement in Mexico so that patients, so patients have been able to get access to Apatone.

For more details on the developments of Apatone at CHIPSA and how to get it through Uno Medica, please reference our previous article here: https://ahsn.wpengine.com/exposed-1001-cancer-killing-ratio-combination-may-help-people-cancer/


  1. This sounds too good to be true. Do you have any patients that have been cured of recurrent prostate cancer using Apatone? I have just heard about Chipsa and am impressed with the people that I have talked to. I hope the states will approve apatone or that it can be shipped to the states. What is the cost of the drug? I do talk to a couple at Chipsa so I will ask them about this drug. Thanks for inventing something to help prostate cancer patients.

  2. I experienced chipsas vitimin c and k over 2 years.ago.i was hooked to a drip for 3 weeks.this was for prostate cancer.i ha e continued the protacals i learned at chipsas.thi s is very important to follow thise protacals.anyway my doctor says im very healthy. You may text me hela_bend@hotmail.com

  3. Have a colonoscopy in 12/2018 been doing good but want to finish the cancer off.
    Been taking vitamins A BC D k3 k5 magnesium stage 2
    Will what you have help remission.
    If not what will ????

  4. The clinic where my uncle does Apatone Intravenous therapy uses vitamin C megadose and Vitamin K3 from PharmaLife Laboratories with E.U Standards. I know this because I read a lot about this therapy before my uncle started it.


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