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Weight Loss Surgery Lowering The Chances of Diabetes and Heart Attacks


Decreasing the chances of diabetes and heart attacks through weight loss surgery

bariatric-benefits-surgeryBariatric (Weight loss) surgery has been shown through studies to assist in not only weight loss, but can also decrease the chances of diabetes or heart attacks in participants.

A massive intensive study in the UK regarding bariatric surgery, which has been ongoing for nearly 4 years and has about 8,000 participants, have been supporting this claim and show the potential it has for many overweight people.

The researchers estimate that about 1.4 million individuals in England alone would benefit from having the surgery.

It is believed that if these individuals were to receive the surgery, about 5,000 heart attacks and 40,000 cases of type 2 diabetes would be prevented.

Just like any other surgery, the procedure does carry some risks, so the researchers advise undergoing the procedure if the individuals have already tried proper dieting and consistent work out routines.

The surgery is usually resorted to when other methods of losing weight were not successful, and when the individual is dangerously at risk due to their obesity, usually around a body mass index of 40 or 35 if the person has other health conditions as well.

The two most prevalent used bariatric procedures are:

Sleeve gastrectomy or Gastric Band- A band is used to diminish the stomach’s mass which causes the patient to feel full after eating a smaller amount.

Gastric Bypass- A part of the stomach is discarded or the digestive system is redirected beyond the majority of the stomach.

The research did a comparison between 3,882 individuals which went through a bariatric procedure with an equal amount of people who haven’t.

The bariatric procedures were shown to lead to a great and continuous weight reduction of anywhere from 20kg to 48kgm without the weight coming back on. This greatly reduces the patient’s risks for many health conditions such as diabetes, heart attacks, etc.

The patients that were already with afflicted diabetes before the procedure had shown remarkable development and about 60% didn’t have to rely on medication anymore.

Bariatric surgery is heavily advised to be followed up by healthy eating habits as well as consistent work out routines.


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