Home Diet and Fitness Turnip Greens: What Can This Super Special Plant Do For You?

Turnip Greens: What Can This Super Special Plant Do For You?

Turnip Greens: What Can This Super Special Plant Do For You?

Turnip greens, you may have heard of these little green leaves attached to turnip plants. Whether or not you have, you definitely should, because these greens are absolutely amazing in nearly every way a health food could be.

Now, some people don’t like them because of their signature bitter, spicy and rather pungent flavor, but don’t make that stop YOU from eating them. These tastes can be easily gotten rid of, if you follow some procedures when you’re preparing turnip greens to eat.

Although their taste makes them extremely unappealing to most people, they can be used for lot’s of things and they don’t have to taste bad AND they can do and unbelievable amount f healthy things for your body, seriously, the health benefits are off the charts when it comes to turnip greens

So, without further dawdling, let’s jump right into why these dark, green vegetables that have so much potential and are so rarely talked about, are just so good for you. Now, enjoy your list 4 amazing health benefits you get you start eating turnip greens.

Health Benefit #1: An Abundance of Amazingly Healthy Nutrients

One of the many things that turnip greens have in common with lots of other crucifers is the fact they’re low in calories, while also containing a mind-bogglingly huge amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Seriously, just a single serving of turnip greens will bring in a mere 29 calories to your body, yet somehow it’ll still manage to get you a staggering 660% of your daily recommended intake (RDI) of Vitamin K, that let’s you never worry about getting ENOUGH Vitamin K (an extremely vital nutrient) ever again.

Health Benefit #2: Prevents You From Developing Anemia

Because it’s got so much iron, as well as tons of Vitamin C, it causes the iron in the leaves to be absorbed easier by your body, so you get the benefits of Vitamin C, as well as the health benefits from getting more iron, easier. This in turn, also protects you from developing anemia, also known as iron-deficiency. While it’s probably a good idea for most people to use it, it’s become especially popular with those who are vegetarian/vegan, because of the easy amount of iron they can get, while still staying with their eating regimen.

Health Benefit #3: Reduces Your Risk Of Osteoporosis and Many Other Bone-Related Conditions

Osteoporosis or the thinning of the bones as people age can put older people at a serious risk for fractures and which can sometimes lead to serious consequences like placement in a nursing home. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of developing this disease is to have a diet which is rich in calcium. Turnips greens are a great source of calcium to help prevent this condition.

Health Benefit #4: Lowered Chances of Cancer Development

Turnip greens, like all cruciferous vegetables, are rich sources of sulfur-containing compounds. These compounds have been shown, in multiple clinical studies, to have anti-carcinogenic properties and will reduce the risk of the development or growth of cancer cells from various forms of this very serious disease.


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