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Trump’s “Disinfectant” Being Used to Treat Coronavirus in Italy?


ozone therapy coronavirusEveryone is up in arms after President Trump mentioned the possibility of “injecting disinfectant” into patients’ lungs in order to kill the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The media and general public have since taken his remarks and run with them, convoluting the president’s original intentions. Although his suggestion was poorly articulated, and later retracted as a “sarcastic remark,” it seems that there is actually some truth to Trump’s “disinfectant” comment.


What Trump was actually referring to, most likely without realizing it, is called ozone therapy, and it’s being used to successfully treat COVID-19 in Italy right now

ozone therapy coronavirusTrump’s original statement came after William Bryan, the undersecretary for science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, revealed studies showing that exposure to sun as well as disinfectant agents were highly effective in destroying the novel coronavirus. Bryan was clearly referring to the virus on surfaces, not inside the body, but Trump questioned whether or not the latter could ever be a kind of possibility.

So, no, Trump did not intend for people to inject rubbing alcohol or bleach agents into their lungs. But what he said actually does connect to a current treatment that’s used by doctors outside the U.S. to treat autoimmune diseases and virus infections. What’s more, this type of therapy is currently being tested on COVID-19 patients in a clinical trial by Dr. Amato De Monte, Director of the Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation of the University of Friuli “Central Friuli,” in Italy. 

ozone therapy coronavirusEd Clay, host of “The Big Idea” podcast, recently interviewed Dr. De Monte about his use of ozone therapy in coronavirus patients. Clay has experience as an international hospital investor and one of his hospitals is an integrative cancer treatment center specializing in immunotherapy treatments. They’ve also recently begun to successfully treat autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Having used ozone therapy for many years, Clay wondered whether or not anyone would try to use it in treating the novel coronavirus. When he came across an article on Dr. De Monte, he was excited to see a mainstream anesthesiologist utilizing the therapy.

What exactly is ozone therapy?

ozone therapy coronavirusOzone therapy involves taking a patient’s blood, mixing ozone with the drawn blood, and letting it sit for about ten minutes. The blood is then run through a UV A, B, and C light to further clean it of pathogens. The stimulation of the Ozone and UV light creates a vaccine-like immune response. When it is injected back into the patient, the therapy can act as a powerful immune-stimulant known for its antiviral and antibacterial effects.

As De Monte said, “the infusion of ozone helps to strengthen the body’s response in the fight against the effects of the ongoing infection.” 

How is ozone therapy being used to treat coronavirus in Italy?

Ozone therapy is by no means “new.” In fact, De Monte has been studying and using ozone therapy since 1995, mainly for vascular disease. When COVID-19 broke out, he decided to start using it on patients there.

His recent clinical trial included 36 patients, all of whom were headed to the ICU. 35 of those patients didn’t end up in the ICU after getting ozone therapy, and 1 patient was later able to leave the ICU after therapy. 

The trial is still underway, with further results forthcoming.



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