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These 3 “Healthy” Foods Will DESTROY Your Teeth (Be Careful)


We all know about things that aren’t healthy for our stomachs, things that make us get fatter… Stuff of that sort seems to be fairly common knowledge. But did you know just how many foods that we consider healthy, that are actually destroying your teeth right now? There’s actually a lot more than you might think, AND, seeing as how important your teeth are to your overall health, as well as everyday activities, you really, really, really, want to be taking really, really, really good care of them. Wanna know what these foods are? Keep reading to find out.

Citrus Fruits

Wait, what? No, don’t worry, fruits are still good for you, it’s just that citrus fruits, while they are still extremely healthy, can really wreck your teeth if you’re not careful. The thing you have to realize that a foods nutritional content, does not automatically relate to the other effects it has on other parts of the body. In fact, besides the teeth thing, they’re one of the most healthy options for a snack out there. But why are they bad for your teeth? What really makes a lemon so dangerous for your teeth?

It all comes down to the acids that citrus fruits contain. These little guys are experts at nibbling and tearing away at teeth enamel, this makes your teeth smaller, weaker and extremely susceptible to cavities, as well as being broken. But citrus fruits are also high in acids, which can eat away your teeth enamel. If you do eat citrus fruits, make sure you drink some water and brush your teeth right after you finish eating.

Dried Fruit

EEK! Dried fruit is one of those “healthy” little snacks that really is not anywhere as healthy as you might have led on to think. Besides the fact that dried fruit is very high in sugar (which is for people who are dieting, suffering from diabetes and people who want to keep their teeth healthy) the worst part just might be how the dried pieces of fruit act act after you chew them, they end up sticking to your teeth, which is basically just soaking that particular part of your tooth in sugar for a while.

Just like with the citrus, try to brush and floss, as well as drink some water afterwards as soon as possible get rid of any sugars/pieces that the fruits may have left behind.

And if at all possible, stick to the fresh version whenever possible. A handful of grapes is just as easy to grab as a handful of raisins, and a fresh apricot will leave you much more satisfied than a few halves of its dried counterpart.


It’s not necessarily the pickle itself that’s the problem, but the brine it’s pickled in. Pickle juice is highly acidic, and will break down your teeth enamel.

Treat them similarly to citrus fruits. If you can’t get to a toothbrush in the immediate future, it’s probably best to avoid them for your teeth’s sake. They might be a quick, easy snack, but grab a few slices of cucumber instead. It won’t be quite the same, but at least it’ll give your body the nutrients without eating away at your teeth.


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