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The Top 6 Medical Advancements In The Past Quarter Century


Modern medicine has come a long way just in the past quarter century. Plenty of advances in medical research and treatment have been made to enhance the quality of care while lowering the overall cost of treatment. And with new innovations coming forth every few months, it seems like there is no end to the wonder that is medical science. Below are a few of the trends taking place that are transforming the healthcare industry.

3D Bioprinting

Medical researchers have already turned to 3D printing to create human body parts but they’re just getting started. Scientists have printed an artificial ear, blood vessels, skin cells and even a liver. The artificial organ would be used only in a lab for drug research, though it wouldn’t be suitable to implant in a human. The impact that this technology could have in the near future is astronomical for research scientist across the world.

Gene Therapy

Gene treatment, wherein a patient’s genes are re-structured to counter a disease, has proven effective in curing leukemia and other forms of blood cancer. The therapy has successfully reversed breast cancer process in mice. Thus, it is growing in viability as a remedy to cure cancer in its early stages without the usage of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Bacteria Research

Another sector wherein research has proved promising is in the human stomach. Scientist are currently researching applications for the plethora of good germs in this area of the body. Recent studies suggest that a direct physiological link exists amid the mix of bacteria in our digestive region and the way our brain works, and that this amalgam can also be responsible to make a person thin or obese.

Cancer Advancements

A large number of specialists agree that the fight against cancer may give way to a therapy known as immunotherapy… This treatment is based on pharmaceutical therapies that increase the body’s immune process to fight tumor cells openly. New drug applications are being examined that strengthen the immune system and enable your body to battle with cancer germs autonomously.

Keep an Eye on This

A new eye therapy in the form human bionic technology has been introduced, wherein a small camera is placed in a person’s glasses to catch images which are then turned into electrical pulses and transmitted to an aerial in a retinal implant wirelessly, thereby enabling it to alleviate the difficulties associated with the injured part of the retina. These pulses are conveyed to the brain through the optic nerve, which transmits the image and develops a pattern of light.

Smart Tech

The next generation of wearable health gadgets are now able to collect more meaningful health data from a patient’s body and transmit it to their healthcare professional for analysis. For example, a remote stethoscope can send a patient’s heart beat rate to a physician. The manufacturing process for medical tech is also progressing at extremely fast rates. With processes that make things like marker band catheter at affordable rates. With more and more innovations, you can be sure that saving will be passed along to you.

Advancements in technology and modern medicine can have drastic impact on our life in many different ways. With medical tech progressing as fast as it is you can be sure that the savings will be seen in your future treatment costs.


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