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The Top 4 Energy-Boosting Foods That Can Improve Your Everyday Life

The Top 4 Energy-Boosting Foods That Can Improve Your Everyday Life

Plenty of people need an extra boost to their day, consuming more calorie-rich, energy-increasing foods throughout your everyday life can help with this, giving you that little bit of strength to help you power through the day… Today, we’ve put together a list of said foods, that help get the calories and energy that you need. Ready? Let’s begin!

Please note that this is all based on a single 100 gram serving of each food.

#1 Tamarinds – 239 calories

One of the main reasons that tamarinds are on this list is because they’re high in sugar and calories, both of which are vital when it comes fueling your body, no matter what… Not only that, but tamarinds are chock-full of super-valuable nutrients and minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper and also magnesium. To top it all off though, this particular fruit is also rich in things like vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and even thiamin. All of these benefits packed together at once, makes it an extremely strong candidate for one of the best energy boosting foods.

#2 Avocados – 160 calories

I love avocados so much, they taste great, go well with just about anything, plus they have some amazing (energy-boosting) health benefits… The reason for these benefits lies mainly in the fact that avocados have a bunch of calories, as well as a ton of potassium, vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin C and dietary fiber. Besides the fact that it’s an absolute nutritional powerhouse, it also has shown to be effective warding off and, in some cases, helping to treat multiple terrible diseases. Such diseases include diabetes, cancer, as well as lowering cholesterol levels and promoting better, healthier weight loss.

#3 Durian – 147 calories

Durian has some very… Unique characteristics, between it’s sometimes noxious smelling aroma and it’s less-than-common taste, it drives away plenty people from eating it, but if you just so happen to like it, then you’ll love it… And trust me, once you here all the benefits it has, you’ll want to love it even more. Here’s some of durian’s strongest points of health.

  • It contains dietary fiber, in fact it contains a whopping 3.8g in every 100 grams
  • Vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, as well as benefitting the body many other ways
  • It also contains tons of B-vitamins, which are valuable for better overall health in the body, these vitamins include vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin B1

#4 Sapote – 134 calories

Sapote, even more so than durian, is much less well known fruit, if it sounds familiar it might be because the black variety of sapote is also known as chocolate pudding fruit… There are many, many videos on the internet that are of trying this dark, chocolate pudding-like fruit out.

Sapote has lots of glucose in it, providing an instant boost of energy for your body, making it perfect for this list, not only that, but the same way you can use it to speed up your day, you can use it to slow down… It has sedative properties that help with insomnia, stress, anxiety and mental health issues.



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