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The Incredible Health Benefits Of Green Tea

The Incredible Health Benefits Of Green Tea

In the past decade many studies have proven the excellent health benefits of tea, especially green tea. The elements making tea so healthy are called antioxidants, especially a chemical called methylated epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This compound has shown to be very beneficial to the whole human body, for example- reducing the risk of prostate cancer for 90%.

Here is a list of other areas that Green Tea can benefit:

Eye health. Studies on rats showed, that both black and green tea is capable of reducing glucose levels in the lens of rats eyes. The benefit of reducing levels of glucose is cutting the risk of cataracts in half. The powerful antioxidants in tea can also protect the eyes from glaucoma risk. Researchers believe, that benefits of one cup of green tea last for around 20 hours.

Bone strength. A study done in Australia has found that black and green tea contain chemical compounds-flavanoids that speed up the bone building process, at the same time reducing the rate of bone breakdown. The study participants were elderly woman with mean age of 80 years. Observations in time span of 10 years showed that those women who drank at least three cups of tea per day had 1/3 lower risk of fractures than those who did not.

Alzheimer´s disease. It has been found that EGCG compound in green tea can be beneficial for Alzheimer´s patients. In this disease, proteins- amyloids in the brain form clumps that get attached to brain cells causing cell death. That results in all the symptoms of Alzheimer´s. Green tea, and also red wine antioxidants help to reduce the clumping of amyloid.

Reducing the stroke risk. Studies have shown that black tea a day can severely reduce stroke risk. Drinking at least 4 cups a day can reduce the stroke risk by 20%. Another study showed that drinking at least 7 cups of green tea a day reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 70%.

Cancer. For those who are not able to drink as much tea as should be necessary, there are also green tea capsules available. The 200mg capsule is equivalent to 12 cups of tea. Antioxidants found in tea can reduce the risk of leukemia as well as prostate, breast, skin, oral, esophageal, colorectal cancer.

Allergy symptom reduction. Compound EGCG in green tea is able to block the production of histamine and IgE, which are responsible for allergy symptoms.

Diabetes. For diabetes patients green tea can be benefit for the regulation of blood glucose levels. A study has found that drinking 3 cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. That is of course, if no sugar or milk is added to the tee. Milk has found to decrease tea´s ability to stimulate insulin production.

Improvement of cognitive function. A study in Spain found that green tea can improve mental capabilities for patients suffering from Down syndrome. Participants were given food supplements containing EGCG, and it increased the brain function.


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