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The Digestive System: Fixing It For Health And Happiness


The human digestive system processes food that we eat. It is made up of a multiple organs and glands that digest the food, extract energy and nutrients, and later expel the waste byproducts. The digestive system has two major parts – upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) tracts. The upper GI tract comprises of mouth, pharynx, esophagus, and stomach, while the lower GI tract consists of the small intestine, large intestine and the anus. Organs such as liver, gallbladder, and pancreas are also part of the digestive system.

Today almost 80% of people have a disrupted digestion system.
It is very important to know the algorithm of work of the digestive system: the reception, the processing and the excretion. Any disease of the digestive system subjects to a certain law.
All the major problems occur during the processing stage. At the stage of the reception the problems can be associated with teeth and the esophagus. The stage of processing is associated with the release of hydrochloric acid, the presence or absence of bacteria, enzymes, fiber, and peristalsis.

In the body, there should be no abnormal forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, worms or any other parasites and there should be a presence of vitamins. Four main components are involved in the digestive process: it is natural food, enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and water. If these four components are present, no disease will occur. The water should be clean and of room temperature, without any harmful components – be it fluoride, chlorine or any kind of preservatives.
What you shouldn’t do when having meal?

1. You should not drink when having meal as it dissolves the enzymes. Moreover you shouldn’t drink alkaline water, the water should be acidic, it can be with lemon juice, cranberries, blueberries, i.e. any acidic herbs that support the acidity of gastric juice.
If a person feels that he cannot eat without drinking, the reason lies in dehydration. There are two ways to deal with this problem: to have a sufficient amout of water 2 hours before meal, or to eat thin (watery) food. Grinded food stimulates healing of the stomach. Sick stomach can not digest a big piece of fish or bread. He won’t even try to digest it, everything will go into the large intestine and there putrefactive bacteria will split it, so the body does not receive any nutrients needed.

2. It is also not favourable to drink water just after the meal. At least an hour should pass before drinking.

3. The meal should be taken in silence. Gastric juice begins to produce 15 minutes before a meal, when a person sees food, or starts to think about it.

Only in this case, the brain secretes the right enzymes. If a person is distracted from the food, the brain can not properly determine how to act while the conversation takes place. For every kind of food, for each molecule our stomach produce certain enzymes. Carbohydrates start to digest in oral cavity, proteins begin to be digested in stomach, fats are digested in duodenum.
Today near 50% of people suffer from gastritis with no acid secretion. No secretion, which means no digestion. The only reason for low pH level is a hot meal.
In order to avoid a dangerous decrease of gastric acid, one must adhere to the following rules:

1. Do not drink alkaline water during meals and immediately after.

2. Be silent while eating.

3. To chew the food thoroughly, food should not be hot.

Eating hot food leads to the destruction of the cells. It is absolutely forbidden to take food with temperature 50 - 60 °C. Protein molecules die in such temperature.
If you drink water which is 60 °C, the cells of the esophagus and stomach that produce hydrochloric acid are quickly destroying. Gastrointestinal cell lives for three days. Then it is recovered. So it is important not to burn it once again, while drinking another hot cup of tea.
In Japan, women do not get cancer of the esophagus.

And men are leading in stomach and esophagus cancer. And when the scientists began to figure out what causes that difference, they found out that women do not eat hot food. According to the Japanese tradition women are allowed to the table, when all food is already cold. In Uzbekistan, Mongolia there are a large number of cancer cases. Eating hot pilau provokes this tendency.
So, food we eat every day should have temperature in the range of 36,6 - 40 °C.

Eating cold foods might also not be a healthy habit. It's possible that there is nothing worse than ice cream for children. To warm such food, the body spends a huge amount of energy. If you drink cold water in cold weather, you spend an enormous amount of energy. The cold water does not enter into the cell, because the cell has a temperature of 36.6 °C.

Water should be warmed to 40 °C. And our body will have to spend a lot of energy for this process. Here are some advices to keep your GI tract healthy: In hot weather the temperature of your drinking water should be around 22-24 °C and in cold - 35 °C. Also drinking hot beverages makes your body spend lots of energy.

Food you consume, should be warmer than room temperature. If you eat hot food, no pills to restore the stomach health will help. If you have a habit to eat in a hurry, moreover hot meal three times a day, in such conditions the cells simply do not have time to recover. The risk to acquire erosion, in bad cases even cancer is very high. If you suffer from erosive gastritis, you should look to a light vegetable diet, but the main factor is the temperature.
Among remedies to recover the proper work of the GI tract are: enzymes, essential bacteria and the proper nutrition. It will be enough for the healthy stomach.
It is interesting to know that there are no pain receptors in the digestive tract, only the mesentery. Therefore, if the stomach aches, then there might be only gases. And the flatulence may hurt as it may press liver, pancreas or kidneys. So pains in the gut can happen due to gases. If a person has a sore gut, which means the discomfort in the intestine with gas producing, it means that the food is not digested properly.

There are three ways to get rid of this problem:
1. To optimize the stool (excretion) in order to avoid constipation.
2. To stop eating food that rots and ferments inside.
3. To get rid of parasites. If a person has lamblias (Giardia intestinalis), he will have increased flatulence and pains in stomach.

The giardia organism inhabits the digestive tract of a wide variety of domestic and wild animal species, as well as humans. It is a common cause of gastroenteritis in humans, infecting approximately 200 million people worldwide.

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