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The 3 Simple Steps To Feel BETTER and Do MORE

The 3 Simple Steps To Feel BETTER and Do MORE

We all get tired… It just happens… You’re life, after all, is an extremely tiring thing. But, there are definitely times where we wish that we just had a magic energy increasing pill to take, so that we could tackle the day in more alert fashion. Well, unfortunately, any of the things that advertise themselves as “magic energy increasing pills” probably don’t work at all and also have a good chance of contain nasty, toxic ingredients that actually do more harm than good to the body.

While we don’t have a “magic energy increasing pill,” we do have a few simple, simple secrets that you can follow in order to give yourself a big energy boost so that you can power through your day.

Here they are, hope you enjoy!

#1 Get enough rest
Seriously, this is a big one… Too many people seem to take pride in not sleeping enough… And trust me, I know, hustling and making money often goes together with really early and really late hours, but, do you know what hates that and also suffers from it? Your body. Not getting enough sleep not only cuts down on your energy, but also stresses your body, making it hard for it do everything, including digest your food, solve problems in your head, breath easily and many other things that you simply can’t or at least shouldn’t be living without. It also completely kills your concentration, making everything about working harder than it has to be, staying up late and getting up early all the time just isn’t worth hurting your body over and over and over.

#2 Eat smaller meals and snacks
You might not know this, but digesting food if super-duper hard for your body, now, granted, your body is an absolute beast of a workhorse, it’s meant to work and is perfectly fine with it, especially when you give it enough of the correct fuel in the correct way. In fact, the more we eat, the more we need to rest, that’s why, when stuffing yourself, you always feel the urge to go lay down for a while. Eating all that food at once makes your body have to work harder to digest it all, therefore tiring it and you out for a good portion of time. It’s because of this that you want to consider eating less, more of the time.


#3 Stay Positive
Terrible emotions such as sadness, anger, grief and frustration are unfortunately something most people experience often, on a daily basis even. But what’s even worse is, not the momentary discomfort of these emotions, but how much they actually tax the body, therefore having a much more lasting and lingering effect than they should. One of the best ways to combat these emotions and in my experience, the most effective, is to just snap back to your reality for just a moment, focus on what you are that moment, exactly what your life entails at that one little millisecond and then see if what you’re stressing over is really as MUCH of your time as you thought.


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