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Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Cancer? (And Getting Healthy After)

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Cancer? (And Getting Healthy After)

Ty Bollinger: So talk about that. You mentioned cancer as being a symptom. What is cancer? Talk about the environment of the body in relation to cancer.

Dr. Charles Majors: The most important thing when I’m working with a cancer patient, the first thing I want them to understand is… you’ve got to understand what cancer is. You’re walking in to talk to me or have a visit with me. You have no idea what cancer is, but you’re about to do chemo, radiation, and/or surgery, but you don’t even know what you’re dealing with. And so the first thing I had to do is I had to figure out exactly what cancer was. Because if I wanted to reverse this, I had to know what it was.

Our body is made of 50, 60, 70 trillion cells. Those cells grow and die every single day. They grow and die. Every one of our cells has a cell death and a life. They die. They grow and they die, they grow and they die, they grow and they die. Right now as you are sitting here, you will lose over a million cells in a second. And what happens a second later? They regrow. There is an intelligence inside of you that is more incredible than anything else. That your body heals, it regulates, the cells die, and the cells regrow again.

Cancer is when those cells no longer die. It is called apoptosis. Those cells no longer die and they begin to replicate themselves and they grow. So what I needed to figure out is why would those cancer cells show up? Why are they there and why haven’t they gone away, right? We all get cancer every day. You know, some of the research shows between 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 cancer cells are showing up every day. We have an immune systemthat takes control of it.

So number 1, I had to know what cancer was. Cancer was abnormal cells. I also had to realize at first they’re [doctors] trying to get me scared – not on purpose, but I was in fear of my life, going to die. That was not going to help me. So once I realized what cancer was, I also realized that this cancer cannot kill me.

“I’m alive right now,” I said. “Cancer in my brain and I’m still living right now.” More cancer than they have seen in a brain in a long time and I’m still alive. The cancer is not going to kill me unless it got big enough to finally shock my spinal cord or hit an organ. The cancer is never going to kill me, right? It is already spreading.

What had to happen was I had to figure out why is it there. It is there for a reason. It just does not show up for no reason. It shows up based on the environment. It is not our genes, it is how we live our life. We’re above our genes, which means our genes are affected by how we live our life. The genes respond to the environment we put them under.



I had to go back over the last 15 years and go, “Okay, what did I put my body under,” right? So yes, I lived the last five or six years healthier and got into all the chiropractic and learning. But we always forget the first 25 years; of 12 years of college. We forget the years where I was vaccinated. My mother didn’t know that. We forget all these and the years where I was drinking sodas and I was eating horrible. And so I had to go back through time to figure out what happened.

Also, as the doctor said, toxins got right into my bone marrow and I had toxicity happening. Again, so I look at my life. I was working eight, 10, 12 hours a day; I was in college for 12 years stressing out, not living a healthy life throughout this whole time. So I was stressed, I had severe damage to my nervous system, the spinal cord. My nutrition only got better in the last five or six years because I wasn’t eating properly.

And then I looked at my exercise. I was bodybuilding, not doing the exercise I teach. I was bodybuilding, which means I would work out an hour, hour and a half, heavy weights, and it was a slow intensity. My heart was barely even pumping at all. And so I was exercising wrong, I was toxic, my spine was damaged from all the work I did. I was taking care of everybody else, but not taking care of myself.

So, if you look back and you go “okay, so cancer can only show up in an environment that allows it to show up,” right? You look at a cancer cell versus a normal cell. I started studying that. I’m in the hospital, they brought me a computer, and I sat there and all I did was I’m studying it.

I’m looking at it thinking what are the characteristics of a normal healthy cell, the normal characteristics of a cancer cell? And we look at that cancer cell and we realize that it is completely different than the normal cell. The normal healthy cell uses respiration to get its energy. It uses oxygen. And a cancer cell uses fermentation, which means that it brings in sugar and spits out lactic acid. So right away, I’m looking at it going, “Well, these use two different things. One likes oxygen more, one hates oxygen,” right?

Ty Bollinger: And it loves sugar.

Dr. Charles Majors: And loves sugar. We know this because when they were doing a PET scan, guess what they pumped into me to find the cancer?

Ty: Sugar.

Dr. Charles Majors: Sugar, they’ll pump in sugar water. Anytime someone wants to argue that – we’ll have a patient whose oncologist is saying “it doesn’t matter what you eat.” What do you mean it doesn’t matter what you eat? You just put sugar in me and it found the cancer faster than it found the normal healthy cells, right? And that’s because the cancer ate it quicker.

We cannot ever sit here in denial. If you go to the American Cancer websites, you know, ACS websites, it will say on there what a PET scan is doing. And what it does is they inject you with sugar. Why? Because sugar feed cancer. Normal cells do not need sugar to survive.

I knew at that moment there were different characteristics where a normal healthy cell cannot live in a toxic environment. A normal healthy cell needs a nerve supply. A normal healthy cell needs an unstressed environment. So I kept looking at it saying, “All I need to do is change my environment.” The cell is where we have to go in and look at a cellular level.

Some people will say, “Well, why did you not choose the chemotherapy and radiation and the conventional?” Because I was sick. I wasn’t there because I was healthy. I knew I had to get healthy and you couldn’t make me sicker to get me healthier. There was no way you could make me sicker to get me healthier again. So I knew I had to get myself back to health again.


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