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These Salads Are Dangerous! Why You Should NEVER Eat Them


Salad’s are super healthy… Right? They actually might not be as healthy as you think, or, at least if you’re eating ANY of the not-so-great salads you’ll see listed below in a little bit.

The problem with our culture, at least in reference to salads, is that we think of all salads as healthy, nutritious meals/appetizers/side dishes. Unfortunately though, there are so many “salads” that pose as healthy options, all the while hiding under the veil of being a “salad” and therefore, being healthy. But, if you are eating any of THESE salads listed below, have no doubts, you’re NOT eating a healthy meal. Not only that, but you could actually be gaining weight, not losing it. Even if your objective of eating salads isn’t to lose weight necessarily and is instead to just live a healthier lifestyle, you’re still hurting yourself and your body if you’re eating these salads.

#1 The Salad That’s Full Of Fat and Nothing Else – Sure, it’s a salad, so it must be healthy, right? Wrong. Salads that have tons of extra fatty additions on top of them not only make the salad unhealthy, but also send the calorie count skyrocketing from all the extra stuff on top. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how many leafy greens, fresh vegetables and/or healthy fruits you have on there if you still have terrible, yet common salad toppings such as cheese, nuts, ranch dressing, hard boiled eggs, steak and the worst of all, croutons. Croutons are loaded with carbs and calories, worse still is that there are usually an enormous amount of these little chunks of bread on the salad, especially when compared to how much of the actual “salady” part is actually there.

#2 The Salad That’s NEVER Satisfying, Always Tastes Bad and Never Makes You Feel Good – If your salad is just a mass full of disgusting, tasteless iceberg lettuce, old, misshapen baby tomatoes and dry, stale carrot shavings, then chances are stacked against you that you will, without a doubt finish your meal begin feel 100%, completely emotionally and physically, drained and unsatisfied. Not only do you start to feel pretty cruddy, but you also are more likely to overeat and stuff yourself on whatever your next meal/snack is, which negates any of the small benefits you got from that unsatisfying salad.

# 3 The Salad Where You Literally Just Deprive Yourself – So, picture this, you’re out with friends for lunch or dinner and they end up ordering delicious, scrumptious foods, such as big, juicy burgers, decadent, cheese-laden pizzas or tacos filled with meat, cheese, salsa and other goodies… There’s only one problem, you can’t eat that stuff, you’re trying to be healthy, so you have to order a boring, tasteless and, as we’ve learned here, a borderline unhealthy salad. Don’t do that! It just will lead to you gorging yourself on something later in order to make for the calories (and fun) that you missed earlier, just order something else that’s healthy, veggies, a bit of healthy meat maybe, add in some soup or something like that and you’re good for the entire meal.


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