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Rob Kardashian To Undergo Weight Loss Surgery

Rob Kardashian

rob30f-6-webRob Kardashian may finally be getting the treatment that he needs.

Recently, Rob Kardashian was influenced by his siblings to get some help after being diagnosed with diabetes a few weeks back. He wasn’t feeling well during the holiday season and had tests done at a hospital in Los Angeles where they had found out that he was diabetic. Despite the fact that this may come as a surprise to most, those close to him knew it was coming.

According to Kris Jenner, Rob had put on over 100 pounds and is hardly ever out in public light. Khloe, who Rob was living with, had given him two choices. Get Bariatric Surgery or leave. She pretty much told him that he isn’t going to die under her roof so he needs to either get some help or leave.

Apparently, Rob was reluctant on changing his unhealthy eating habits, which in turn, caused his family to worry. Thankfully, this changed recently according to his sister, Khloe, who basically had to push him into doing something about his current state of health.

“He’s taking it seriously,” she said. “We’re only 13 days into the New Year, but that’s good enough for me”

Rob’s sister, Kris, wants him to have gastric bypass or gastric banding surgery and has already setup an appointment for consultation with Los Angeles’s top bypass surgeon. It’s still not set in stone as to whether or not Rob will be going under the knife, but it may be the push he needs to lose weight and for him to get his life straightened out.

Rob Kardashian has been dealing with depression and weight gain since leaving the show, and unfortunately, it seems that his unhealthy choices have caught up. Hopefully, along with the Surgery, he’ll be able to make healthier decisions to help turn his life back around. With a better diet and exercise he should be able to get his life together and live better overall. If he can keep it up he may be able to return to Keeping Up with the Kardashians sometime in the future.

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