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Reversing Aging And Metabolism With THESE Foods

Reversing Aging And Metabolism With THESE Foods

Look… Your metabolism is super important… To your mind, your body, and your overall wellbeing. These are honestly things that you’ve all probably heard before. But, plenty of people don’t know how important their metabolism, and what they also don’t know, is that their metabolism actually decreases with age. Because of a little thing called metabolic damage, your metabolism, over time, goes from young and healthy, to slow and useless. Needless to say, this isn’t good, slow metabolism leads to things like uncontrollable weight gain, a roller coaster of hormones/emotions, muscle loss, and the inability to burn fat. Heck, for women this usually leads to 30, 40+ pounds of weight gain when they hit their fifties…

But… There does seem to be a way to stop this… There are eating strategies that seem to postpone, and in some cases, stop premature slowing of the metabolism.

Foods That Help To Reverse Slow Metabolism And Reverse Metabolic Damage

Olive Oil

One of your first thoughts might be; “olive oil? Huh? isn’t that just a bunch of fat? It is oil, after all…” And, while you would be right, the reason that we’re actually eating fat in order to burn fat is actually because healthy monounsaturated fats, such as the fats found in olive oil, surprisingly can help your body burn calories, but… I do warn you, in order to do this, you have to replace other types of fat like butter or cream with olive oil. You also have to be eating much less fat in total, so only have small amounts of olive oil at a time.


Garlic’s yummy! It’s really an excellent ingredient that you can add to so many different dishes. It brings many different benefits to any food that you add it to, it’s amazing flavor, it’s delicious smell, and of course, it’s incredible abundance of health benefits. You see, garlic isn’t just a tasty flavor in your meal, it’s a super-duper health food! Garlic adds protection to any meal you eat, if your food is high in fats and carbohydrates, it’s automatically more likely to slow down your precious metabolism, adding garlic to it helps to keep those substances from wreaking havoc on your health.

Hot Peppers (My Favorite Things On This List)

Cayennes, chilis, jalapenos, habaneros, etc… etc… etc… Whatever your personal pepper preference is, they’re all great ways to spice up your meals. Hot peppers are really great for a number of reasons, not only do they allow you to pack some extra heat and flavor into your food, but they also do a great job at speeding up your metabolism too. In fact, research has actually shown that adding hot peppers into your meal, even if it’s just a little, tiny pinch of paprika, can help to give your metabolism a nice boost of up to a whopping 25 percent for three hours after you eat.


Not at all unlike the spice in hot peppers, the heat/spice of the ginger root can help to decrease your appetite, aid in digestion, and increase your metabolic rates after eating. Pretty good, right?


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