Home Cancer Prevent Breast Cancer and Stay Alert With These 5 EASY Habits

Prevent Breast Cancer and Stay Alert With These 5 EASY Habits

Prevent Breast Cancer and Stay Alert With These 5 EASY Habits

Cancer is quite a menace in today’s current society and with carcinogens simply lurking around every corner, protecting yourself from cancer can be seen as a hard thing to do at times. But guess what? Staying FAR, FAR away from cancer can actually be ridiculously easy. Today, we’ll be sharing with you 5 tips that not ONLY keep breast cancer and you FAR away from each other, but also keeps you alert and full of energy at the same time. Enjoy!

#1 Cut the sugar. Ummm… Yeah… You’ve heard this a million and one times but I’m just gonna say it again because of how important it is. It has been scientifically proven that sugar actually feeds cancer cells in their endeavors of destruction of the human body. Not good. Because of this, most people have come to the logical conclusion to try and stay away from excess sugar, if their really serious about NOT getting cancer.

But how does it help your brain? Well, when you cut sugar out of your diet, you cut out a TON of things things (including sugar) that make your brain start lacking in function, making you think, move and process the world around in an altogether slower manner.

#2 Improve Your Gut Health. Making your tummy a healthy tummy is another awesome thing you can do to prevent cancer, as well as give you a huge boost in energy during your daily routine.

#3 Go organic and non-GMO. Now this is a big one that a lot of people have heard about and BOY is it important.

However, the connection between GMOs and cancer is becoming more and more apparent everyday, with multiple studies on rats have shown that the ones fed GMO corn, began to aactually develop cancer as opposed to the ones who didn’t eat the GMO corn, they on the other did not. There have been so many studies though, besides the ones just mentioned, that you should really look into them if you’d like to learn about the dangers of GMOs or if you’re skeptical about this particular topic.

#4 Get more exercise. Cancer simply doesn’t survive when it’s put in to an extremely oxygen rich enviroment. Getting more exercise consistently makes your body have more oxygen stored inside of it. Making your body simply uninhabitable for cancer cells. Besides all the other obvious benefits to consistently exercising more, this certainly makes that morning run, bike ride, treadmill or whatever other exercise you do, just that much sweeter.

#5 Manage Your Stress. Stress makes not only your personality and mood toxic, but also your entire body. Leading to a higher chance of developing cancer as well as often making you feel sluggish, slow and just pretty nasty overall. But what links stress, bad moos and cancer all together? The answer is a naughty little bugger called cortisol, which is produced in excess when you’re stressed. This then drives your overall neuro-toxicity literally through the roof. Not cool, it’s definitely something you really want to avoid.


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