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Plant THESE in Your Garden As Soon As You Possibly Can

Plant THESE in Your Garden As Soon As You Possibly Can

I’m a gardener, like many others, I grow a lot of the food that I eat out of my garden… But there’s one thing that me and all other gardeners hate, replanting your garden food every year… I dreaded the day that had to sit for hours and hours, just replanting food in my garden, it was fun the first time, but it gets old after a while. If you feel the same way I do about having to replant everything EVERY year, then let me introduce to your new best friend… Perennials! What are perennials, though? Because, although they make take a LITTLE bit of time to get all set up and ready during the first year, their fruits and vegetables can regenerate for decades. Which totally gets rid of the whole replanting your entire garden thing every year.

But what are the best perennials to grow? Is a question that you may be asking now, well, it just so happens that your on a list for that very question. Here it is! Enjoy…

1. Onions

First up on the list are onion bulbs, all you gotta do is plop ‘em down in your garden sometime in the fall, and by springtime they’ll be shooting up like crazy. They even conveniently divide their bulbs out for future generations of that onion plant. Also, onions are delicious and a great addition to an absolutely huge amount of foods, either as a seasoning, a topping, or even a main component in the dish.

2. Asparagus

Now now now… I know that asparagus is an acquired taste sometimes and that a lot of people haven’t acquired that taste, but, I believe that most of the people who don’t like asparagus actually dislike it because they’ve never had asparagus that was prepared correctly, seeing as it is a very rare thing to see asparagus that is super thinly sliced, with loads of butter, the correct seasoning, grown correctly and picked at the right time (growing it incorrectly, as well as picking it at the wrong time can often lead to the asparagus being extremely pithy, stringy, and often very woody) That, my friends, is a dish that couldn’t see how anyone would dislike. Remember though, when keeping this in your garden, weed it diligently.

3. Raspberries

Raspberries are one of my absolute favorite fruits/foods in general, if you have the space, you simply HAVE to consider starting a patch of raspberries. These plants will need AT LEAST one inch of water from the time they bloom, all the way until you plan to pick the berries. Once one of the canes has produced fruit, remove that cane. Add some mulch or compost every year as well.

4. Blueberries

Not unlike raspberries, blueberries have also long been one of my absolute favorite fruits/foods in general. Looking for a delicious, hardy, easy-to-grow berry that will keep producing from the same plant for 30 to 40 years? Well then, I give to you… Blueberries! A berry that everyone loves.


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