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FDA Confirms Legality of OxyContin for Children


Children as young as 11 years old may now be given OxyContin, a strong and often abused painkiller which has taken hundreds of lives due to overdose. OxyContin, a long-release painkiller under the family of OxyCodone, is a form of opioid that has an effect to the brain similar to Heroin. This drug is often prescribed to those patients who have chronic or severe pains due to various diseases.

Dr. Sharon Hertz, the director of new anesthesia, analgesia and addiction products for the FDA, has confirmed that there were studies given by the drug manufacturer proving that they now have a dose that is completely safe for patients in the age of 11 to 16 years old. Purdue Pharma of Stamford, Connecticut, which manufactures the drug, has also confirmed that aside from releasing a new pediatric indication for the said drug, they will be providing prescribers with useful information about the drug use and how it will affect the patients concerned.



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