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Ordering Healthy At ALL Restaurants: The Step-By-Step Guide


We all love good meal at a restaurants, who doesn’t? Whether we’re by ourselves, with tons of friends and family, on a date and and so on… But something we all know is that we often order food that is unhealthy or if we’re trying to maintain a “good” diet, we’ll order something that is entirely UN-satisfying and just end up pigging out on some other junk food at some point later on in the near future. I realize that this isn’t something that literally everyone is guilty of, but I think that MOST of us can definitely admit we’ve done a time or two.

So, today we’ll be helping you order healthy at several different popular kinds of restaurants, keeping your health intact, as well as keeping your taste buds satisfied. Enjoy!

Healthy Choices When Dining in Mexican Restaurants:

When it comes to lots of Mexican restaurants, there’s usually an abundance of deep-fried tortilla chips of some kind. Not to mention the infamous chimichanga, a deep-fried burrito with insanely high levels of fat, calories, as well as other unhealthy additives. Here’s the thing though, when you see those deep-fried chips, you can still have chips, just try to get the baked ones instead. For things like sour cream and guacamole, try to go easy on them because of their high levels of fat.

Healthy Choices When Dining in Chinese Restaurants:

Chinese food is delicious, no one is denying that… Well, maybe someone is, but I don’t want to go anywhere near that person. Anyway, while Chinese food is extremely yummy, it’s often riddled with health consequences, just like all other restaurants. Instead of getting a deep-fried dish, try to snag a stir-fried one instead, try getting an entrée that’s loaded with veggies, as well as maybe some soup that has some vegetables in it. Instead of fried white rice, try getting some regular brown rice, this has more fiber and is much healthier for you and your body when compared to it’s paler counterpart. Last, but definitely not least, try to find whether or not the restaurant stays away from putting MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) in their food.

Healthy Choices When Dining in Italian Restaurants:

Italian… My mouth is watering already… Just as a rule of thumb at these restaurants, order thinner, less fatty versions of pasta, such as linguine or angel hair. Also, try to get the pasta as a whole grain pasta, it’s just healthier.

Healthy Choices When Eating Fast Food

Uhhhhhh… It’s fast food… That’s literally code for “UNABLE TO BE HEALTHY…” Or is it?

Alright, first thing you’re gonna order is a salad. Then maybe a baked potato, with no sour cream. At a fast food Mexican restaurant? Get a plain bean burrito. Fast food Italian restaurant? A chicken salad will do just fine and incredibly scrumptious and filling at the same time.

At the end of the day you know what’s healthy and what’s not, just stick to the basics and you’ll be just fine.


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