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Nutrition Is Changing in 2020: Are You Up on the Trends?


A new year has arrived and so have fresh nutrition trends. A collaborative study conducted by FrieslandCampina and FMCG Gurus showed that there are changes in the active nutrition market. These changes are focused holistic approaches to health, including convenient nutritious eating and conscious indulgence.

 “As this dynamic sector continues to expand worldwide, it’s important to understand the most powerful motivations and the strongest consumer preferences. The level of insight we have from this research puts FrieslandCampina Ingredients firmly on the front foot when it comes to co-developing tomorrow’s success stories,” says Vicky Davies, Global Marketing Director Performance and Active Nutrition for FrieslandCampina.

A Focus on Holistic Health

According to the study, in the last two years, 61% of active consumers expressed a desire to improve their health and wellness. Knowing that all elements of health must be treated equally to be able to achieve wellness, they wanted to make changes in lifestyle and diet.

Hughes says, “There’s increasing recognition that digestive health and sleep are crucial to living well. What’s more, people are aware they’re likely to live to an older age than previous generations did, and staying healthy well not just now, but also into their senior years is a clear priority. That means a better balance between activity and sleep, which can be strongly influenced by diet.”

Convenient Nutritious Eating

About 51% of people who do not make most of their meals at home are unable to do so because they don’t have time. As a result, there is now a high demand for products that are nutritious and do not require much preparation.

“Active consumers are looking for healthy options throughout the day and in varying formats,” added Davies. “This presents a huge opportunity for manufacturers of foods, drinks and supplements alike. The key is ensuring we make it as quick and easy as possible for people to obtain the nutrition they want. ”

 Conscious Indulgence

According to the study, consumers have stopped eating small and “forgivable” indulgences like desserts or snacks and swapped them for a more conscious meal.

“This consciousness can take several forms, but one of the most prevalent is ingredient sustainability, which was the biggest instigator of changing snacking habits among the sample group. Similarly, our own previous research found that 73% of global consumers say it’s important that food and drink is 100% natural. The conscious trend is very clear,” states Hughes.


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