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New Drug Is A “Game-Changer” In Treating Asthma

New Drug Is A

The clinical trial of the new drug Fevipiprant, which was conducted by the experts at Leicester University, found that it led to a large decrease in the symptoms of asthma, improved sufferers’ lung function, reduced inflammation of the lungs and also helped to repair the lining of patients’ airways.

“This new drug could be a gamechanger for future treatment of asthma”, said Chris Brightling, the senior research fellow and clinical professor in respiratory medicine at Leicester University who led the research study. “I’m really excited by this because this is the first treatment that I’m aware of that has been able to show effects across the board.

“I’m excited by how effective it’s likely to be and also about its potential to reduce the need for patients to take oral steroids. Those people would be able to stop taking those drugs, which would make a huge difference to them.”

“This research shows massive promise and should be greeted with cautious optimism,” said Dr Samantha Walker, Asthma UK’s director of research and policy. However, she added: “More research is needed and we’re a long way off seeing a pill for asthma being made available over the pharmacy counter, but it’s an exciting development and one which, in the long term, could offer a real alternative to current treatments.”

While it’s not a miracle cure-all, it’s an extremely promising study that I’m sure will lead to greater horizons for the numerous people in the world suffering from asthma… I look forward to it…


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