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Nashville, Tennessee…America’s #4 Most Obese City.


B9315970562Z.1_20150122175111_000_G6T9OHED2.1-0Nashville, Tenn. is known for some of the nation’s best country music, dive bars, home style cooking and now a growing obesity problem. Nashville’s population is desperately struggling with their respective 37.8% obesity…. so much so that some 14% of Nashville’s obese have sought out bariatric surgery as a solution to end their obesity.

The city of Nashville has been waging a rough battle against this huge crisis and trying to make the city a healthier place, by expanding opportunities for exercise and good nutrition. $7.5 million has been allocated to make bike paths, parks and campaigns to reach out the community about good nutrition and exercise. Despite all of these efforts, nashville still ranks #4 in the country for obesity.

[one_half_first]How Do You Know If You Are Obese- The easiest way to find out if you are obese is to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Doctors define obesity by having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30 and morbidly obese if your BMI is over 35. If your BMI exceeds 35, you may want to consider Bariatric Surgery. [/one_half_first][one_half_last]


The Dangers Associated With Being Obese

Heart Failure-As your body mass index (BMI) increases due to weight gain your chances for coronary heart disease (CHD) skyrockets. CHD causes a waxy buildup of plaque inside your arteries. These arteries are responsible for supplying oxygen to your heart. The plaque build up, narrows the amount of space for the blood and can cause a blockage that reduces blood flow to the heart muscle, which eventually leads to heart attack.

High Blood Pressure-The weight gain from obesity greatly increases blood pressure. Blood pressure is the amount of pressure that blood is putting on the walls of heart’s arteries. If this pressure stays too high over time, it is a gateway for many fatal illnesses.

Stroke-The buildup from plaque due to obesity can cause a blood clot to form in your arteries. Eventually, the are of plaque, ruptures and loose blood clot can travel to your brain. When it his your brain, its stops blood flow, oxygen and you have a stroke.

Type 2 Diabetes-Diabetes is a disease where the body’s blood glucose (sugar ) is too high.
In a normal body food is broken down into glucose and transported to cells throughout the body, where the cells use a hormone called insulin to utilize the glucose. In a Type 2 diabetic body, the cells cannot use the insulin properly and eventually crash. Initially the body reacts by making more insulin, but what happens is that because there is too much insulin the body cannot regulate it’s blood sugar, which can cause it to crash.

Type 2 Diabetes is one of the nations leading causes for early death. It can bring about, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, and blindness. Type 2 Diabetes has a direct correlation to weight gain and can actually be reversed with weight loss.

Cancer-If you’re overweight or obese, the likelihood of contracting some cancers like colon, breast, endometrial, and gallbladder cancers. According to a 2007 NCI Surveillance and Epidemiology study, 84,500 new cases of cancer in men and women were due to obesity.

Life Expectancy-Obesity can reduce a person’s life expectancy by up to 20 years.

What Some Nashvillians Are Doing About It…

When someone is clinically obese, diet and exercise may not be enough and it is time to start considering bariatric surgery. The problem is that average bariatric surgery in the United States costs $20,000 and many not be covered by insurance providers. And even when it is, most doctors have patients wait an average of 12 months before even being considered.

Enter Chipsa Hospital

Located in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. CHIPSA hospital, originally a Cancer hospital has recently been helping Americans receive the Bariatrics treatments they need for almost 70% less than in the United States. CHIPSA is the areas only “full fledged” hospital in area to offer these treatments to American citizens. They have a full staff of surgeons, nurses and patient coordinators to make your procedure as easy as possible and even include Free roundtrip airfare, accommodations and pickup from San Diego airport.

CHIPSA Hospital Bariatrics treats your weight loss surgery procedure with the attention is deserves: Pre-Operatory tests and evaluation; to see if you qualify and which procedure is right for you; Airport Transportation and Pickup to San Diego Airport; Complimentary Room and Board; Nutritionists to help with after care and keep you on track; By hitting all these factors for weight loss surgery where it counts, you will have the best opportunity to finally live the happy and healthy life you deserve..

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Is CHIPSA Hospital right for you? You’ll only know once you give them a call. Don’t worry there is no charge to speak with one of their doctors. It just may be the most important phone call you’ll ever make!

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