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Mulberries: The Underrated Nutritional Powerhouse

Mulberries: Underrated Nutritional Powerhouse

Have you ever heard of mulberries? You probably have, but there are plenty of people who haven’t. Now, for the question, I ask you, have ever eaten mulberries, while there are still a fair amount of people who say yes to that, there are a TON more that say no. Today, I’m here to tell you why, whether or not you’ve already eaten them, you need to get your hands on this delicious, healthy berry.

But why? Why are mulberries so good that I’m telling you to get some right now? Well, to begin with mulberries have a very notable amount of anthocyanins, which are antioxidants we’ve talked about plenty of times on this website. If you’ve ever heard us talking about them before, you’l know just how healthy and strong. If you haven’t, here’s why we think they’re so amazing. Anthocyanins are extremely skilled in finding and removing free radicals spread all throughout the body, which, if left alone to do their own thing, would and could wreak havoc on the body, damaging cells, DNA and causing numerous other problems for the body. These are definitely worth being in your body.

You might here people talk about red wine and drinking it for it’s many health benefits, well, they do have kind of a point, because, besides containing a fair amount of alcohol, which is definitely  not something I would recommend for getting healthier/staying healthy, it also contains a little amazing antioxidant called resveratrol. Resveratrol can also be found in, you guessed it! Mulberries! Seeing as mulberries don’t contain alcohol and, in my humble though very certain opinion, taste a lot better. But wait, what does resveratrol do for me? Why is it so amazing that I should take time out of my day to go to the store, or my nearby mulberry tree, to get some? Well, I’ll tell you why, my dear reader… First off, we’ll start with the same thing that anthocyanins do for you, remove free radicals. which, not only fights cellular damage, but also boost your immune function (yay) as well as help make your whole cardiovascular system work better… Last, but not least, it increases your longevity, which is something we could all use a bit more of. Obviously all these things can only happen if your eating a decent-sized amount of mulberries every day.

The last amazing reason it this AMAZING berry is pretty basic, but no less (some might argue that it’s more) important than the others. What is it? Vitamin C. Yup, it’s great and mulberries gotta lot of it. It’s that simple. Vitamin C is something our bodies need a lot of, and they need it very, very often, so if you’re not eating foods that don’t contain Vitamin C on a regular basis and your body runs out of it and you still don’t supplement it… Well, to put it kindly, that can and will lead to some less-than-favorable results. Trust me, you want to have enough Vitamin C and mulberries are a great place to get it from.


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