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Make Your Blood Healthier With These 5 Amazing Foods


There are many things to do in order to take care of your blood, many pills to take, foods to eat, active things to do, etc… But there’s one little one little vitamin that’s super helpful, easy to find and is usually found in foods with TONS of other healthy nutritional benefits in them.

The Very BEST Sources Of Vitamin K

Kale – Oh, my guess is that you’ve heard of kale approximately 3.2 billion times, if you tried it and are still eating it to this day, good for you! If you tried and turned away because of the less-than-favorable taste, then come back to it, no seriously it’s SO good for you and can be prepared in SO many relatively good-tasting ways. Kale has a ton Vitamin K in it, in fact, it has 229 micrograms in just a single ounce of it.

Herbs – Now, granted, herbs are probably not that big of a surprise on this list, considering how often they seem to be used as a medicine, rather than just something to stick in your mouth for fuel. Herbs not only have plenty of medicinal properties, but they’re also packed with Vitamin K, as well as other valuable nutrients. The best examples of Vitamin K in herbs probably are thyme, basil and sage. Seeing as they have the most of it, I think. Not only that, but, sage actually has more Vitamin K than kale, if you go weight-by-weight. It doesn’t really make a huge difference if you eat dry herbs versus fresh herbs, but if you do get them dried, just make sure they’re not irradiated.

Spinach – This bright, leafy, green and surprisingly juicy plant has been a staple in the health-food world for a LONG amount of time. And for good reason, it’s PACKED with vital nutrients and vitamins, including Vitamin K, of which it contains a whopping total of 138 micrograms in a single cup, over 170% over our RDI, so you don’t even have to eat anywhere near a full cup of spinach to get all those nutrients and vitamins you need so much.

Broccoli – This little flowering plant is covered in little tiny green flower buds is an easy choice for this list it’s been known to regulate blood pressure and improve brain function, as well even fighting against things like bad eyesight, poor immune health and cancer. Not to mention that it improves blood health by a great deal.

Brussels sprouts – First. Step. Forget literally anything and EVERYTHING you know about brussels sprouts, how they taste, their texture, everything. Why? Because most people have, well, less-than-favorable opinions of brussels sprouts, this is due to them nearly always being undercooked, incorrectly seasoned, etc… All you have to do to make brussels sprouts taste delicious is to stick in the oven on a pan,  put some healthy butter/coconut oil down on the pan first, roast them for a bit and voilà! You have absolutely immaculate tasting brussels sprouts that also just so happening to contain A TON of Vitamin C and Vitamin K.


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