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Learn About This Week’s Featured Superfood: Figs!


Superfood of the Week: The Fig

Figs are a pretty popular fruit all around the world. They’re soft and sweet with a skin that’s either green or purple. Not only are the nutritious, they’re also very tasty. 


Over the years, people have used figs to help treat endocrine, reproductive, and respiratory systems as well as boost the digestive tract. Take a look at the other wonderful health benefits the fig can offer!



 What are the health benefits of eating figs?

Indian practitioners have used figs for a long time to treat conditions that affect the following systems of the body:






Studies have shown that figs contain the following properties:






Figs contain a variety of vitamins and minerals:

      Vitamin A

      Vitamin C

      Vitamin K

      B Vitamins







 You should consider adding figs to your shopping list! 

How figs can help boost your health?

Diabetes and glucose control: In a small study from 1998, researchers found that there was a decrease in after-meal glucose when the participant took fig leaf extracts. In another study using rats with type 2 diabetes, they found that the fig leaf extract could stop or slow down the production of glucose in the liver. 

Erectile Dysfunction: There are some people who consider certain plants to be aphrodisiacs due to their ability to stimulate sexual arousal. Figs are considered to have aphrodisiac properties. In a rat study, researchers tested the aphrodisiac abilities of earth smoke, Chinese cinnamon, and figs. The rats who received the mixture had increased sexual activity. Researchers haven’t examined the effects on humans yet. 

Skin Health: There was a study that compared the effects of fig tree latex with those of cryotherapy on common warts. In 44% of the participants, the fig tree latex resolved the warts.

Hair Health: Figs are high in iron, an important mineral for maintaining healthy hair.

Fever: A study done on rats showed that a dose of fig alcohol extract reduced body temperature for at least 5 hours. More study need to be done to support these results.

Digestive Health: Researchers compared the effects of fig and fiber supplements in participants with functional constipation. The figs improved the following constipation symptoms:

      Bowel movement time

      Number of bowel movements

      Stomach pain and discomfort 

      Sense of incomplete evacuation

Are there any risks associated with consuming figs?

There are some risks associated with consuming figs. Figs contain a high level of Vitamin K, so if you are taking a blood-thinning medication, you should keep them out of your diet. Figs also have a high level of fiber, so eating too much can cause diarrhea. Occasionally, there are people who may have an allergic reaction to figs.


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