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Is Your Almond Milk TOTALLY Fake? It Probably Is…

Your Almond Milk is Fake, Here's The Reason Why

Do you drink almond milk? If you’re like a lot of other people, your answer will probably be yes… If you’re not already regularly drinking it, you probably have at some point in your life, as have many others.

Anyway, if you are drinking almond milk, we STRONGLY suggest that you check the brand, seeing as a new discovery has recently come out about commercial almond milk companies swapping out carrageenan for almonds in their recipes.

Besides the fact that you’re now no longer getting the amazing benefits that the almonds could be giving you, but you’re also getting a bunch of that nasty carrageenan in your body, which, contrary to what you may have heard, is not just an innocent little seaweed.

Carrageenan is actually quite dangerous and has been linked to cancer, ulcerations, and other terrible things.


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