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Gastric Bypass to solve childhood and adolescent obesity epidemic


Gastric Bypass to solve childhood and adolescent obesity epidemicGastric Bypass

According to health experts – the world is on the brink of a childhood and adolescent obesity crisis.  Statistics show that one out of five children classified as obese and thousands overweight youth needed hospital treatment for obesity between 2012 – 2016. Fortunately,  childhood obesity specialists consider weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeves as the best option to solve childhood obesity crisis among children.

So who is to blame for this? One culprit would be a junk food.  Junk foods are much cheaper then healthy foods.  Some doctors believe that any child obesity should first be investigated for an underlying genetic, medical or psychological cause. This is something that needs to be addressed in some way because obesity starts to lead in to other issues such as type 2 diabetes.

Meanwhile,  weight loss surgery has been considered beneficial to the teens in the United States.  According to the latest study by Medscape, the teens that underwent a gastric bypass surgery,  experienced major improvement in weight, cardiovascular commodities and weight-related quality of life three years after their procedures.

These bariatric procedures trigger rapid weight loss and the average bariatric patient will lose around 30% of excess weight in 1 year. Unfortunately even thought gastric bypass is highly effective, most health insurance companies will not cover it and patients can expect to pay between $20,000-$25,000 out of pocket.

Where Can One Get Gastric Bypass?

With the high cost of bariatric procedures in the United States, Mexico has become a “hotspot” for Medical Tourism, where patients can save up to 70% versus prices domestically. Click here to get more information on bariatric procedures in Mexico.


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