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Illinois Fashion Designer Uses Gerson Method to Treat Aggressive Cancer

Gerson Method

Amy Johnson of Highland, Illinois thought she was the picture of health. Her friends and family even called her the “healthiest person they knew.” That’s why it took everyone by surprise when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of clear-cell carcinoma. She didn’t even feel sick.

But Johnson says her idea of “health” has changed greatly since her diagnosis, and she realizes now that her old ways weren’t as “healthy” as she thought. She had a gut feeling that going the chemotherapy route just wasn’t for her. Having already begun a fresh juicing regimen before her diagnosis, Johnson continued consuming fruit and vegetable juices, later discovering their connection to cancer remission.

Gerson MethodJohnson then committed to a two-year alternative treatment for her cancer, as well as her Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, which was discovered when she underwent a complete hysterectomy. The method she used is called Gerson Therapy, and it activates body’s own natural ability to heal itself. After traveling to Mexico to spend two weeks at the Gerson Institute, Johnson gained extensive knowledge about the regimen and returned home to start her new lifestyle.

The Gerson Method was created by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920s as a way to cure his chronic migraine headaches. He later used it to heal his own daughter from incurable tuberculosis, and it went on to heal patients from other diseases like cancer. Patients following the method adhere to a strict, organic, plant-based diet filled with raw, cold-pressed juices made from fruits and vegetables. They also focus on detoxifying the body with daily coffee enemas.

A person following the Gerson method will typically consume 20 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables per day, usually in the form of fresh juice every hour. Coffee enemas are usually done about 5 times per day.

According to Johnson, the regimen is no picnic. She and her mother “barely survived” their first day following it strictly. But Johnson continued the method for two years, diligently preparing the fresh juices for herself.

Johnson feels that all of her hard work paid off. She is currently cancer free, and although she no longer follows the strict Gerson method, she still adheres to its main principles. She uses her industrial-grade juicer very frequently, and it’s safe to say that her understanding of what it means to be truly “healthy” has changed for good.

While several people have cited Gerson Therapy as the key to their beating cancer, many people are still quite skeptical of the treatment. The National Cancer Institute claims that there isn’t enough reliable, scientific evidence that shows the benefits, and they warn cancer patients not to begin the treatment without counsel from their doctors. The treatment is not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Gerson MethodAlthough not everyone can benefit from the Gerson Method, and not many are able to follow it strictly, Johnson says she believes it saved her life. She now hosts talks to share her story and educate people about Gerson Therapy. Her hope is that her discussions will empower people to create healthier lifestyles, or that it will reach someone who is in search of an alternative disease treatment.


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