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How We Can Use Silver as An Alternative Health Treatment


People have been medically treated with silver for centuries. Once thought of us the strongest antimicrobial agent available, silver is now experiencing a resurgence in the alternative health community.

How can silver benefit our health?

Most alternative healthcare practitioners utilize a form of silver called colloidal silver. Colloidal silver consists of particles suspended in liquid. You can purchase it at health food stores as well as online.

immunotherapyBecause silver has antimicrobial properties, it can have an antibiotic effect. In fact, Dr. Kent Holtorf, a medical doctor in California, says he has been using it in his practice for nearly 20 years. He’s even treated cases of Lyme disease with it. These cases were untreatable by other conventional methods like antibiotics. “It is tremendously effective from many chronic and acute infections where even high doses of antibiotics didn’t work,” he said. What’s more, colloidal silver is completely non-toxic.

How does colloidal silver work?

gut healthColloidal silver interrupts the DNA of the virus or bacteria, which makes it harmless. It also works to strengthen the immune system. Unlike conventional antibiotics, colloidal silver does not interfere with the health bacteria balance in the gut.


Colloidal silver can be inhaled, injected, used orally, or vaporized through a nebulizer.

Check out these 7 recommended uses for colloidal silver.

  1. Treat your cold or flu. Nasal silver can help to prevent both colds and flus. It may even surpass the flu vaccine.
  2. Use it as an antibacterial agent. Studies have shown that pathogens can be destroyed in just minutes after exposure to silver. What’s more, it won’t create immunity or resistance like traditional antibiotics.
  3. Heal your wounds. Colloidal silver can help to boost skin healing as well as healing in other soft tissues. You can use it to treat burns, infections, thrush, periodontitis, and more. Since it has a potent anti-fungal property, people have had success using it to treat conditions like ring worm.
  4. Cure your eye and ear infections. Infections like pink eye can be treated with colloidal silver. Whether the infection is viral or bacterial, the silver will be effective. Ear infections can be treated this way as well.
  5. Get rid of sinusitis. Studies have shown that silver nasal can help get rid of sinus infections. Another effective method would be to put a few drops in a neti pot and put the solution into your nasal cavity. This would also help to treat allergies.
  6. Conquer pneumonia. When pneumonia or bronchitis are viral rather than bacterial, there aren’t any modern drugs that can help. Colloidal silver in a nebulizer could help you to heal, though. IT will get the silver right into your lungs to kill germs.
  7. Kill viruses. Some studies have shown that colloidal silver can help to treat viruses like HIV, herpes, shingles, and warts.


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