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How To Tell Whether Or Not Your Kid’s Allergic To Something


Plenty of kids have allergies. While these allergies are never exactly pleasant to experience, for the parent or the child, they can be dealt with easily, more often than not. Something that isn’t always able to dealt with easily is when you an allergy, you know you have an allergy and you don’t know what the allergy is to. Today we’ll be going over several common symptoms of certain allergies, this way, you can figure out what allergy your kid has and act accordingly in order to stop all the negative effects that go along with triggering an allergic response.

Dairy and gluten a certainly two of the biggest, if not THE biggest food allergens in the world right now. Plus, so many foods now have nasty allergy triggering additives such as colors, oils, flavors and sweeteners, as well as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

There are obviously way, way more possibilities of what your kid might be allergic to than what we could EVER hope to write down here, but we hope this helps anyways. Here’s to your children living allergy-free!

Spitting up is often linked to the child being allergic to casein, a protein in cow’s milk that is also contained in many prepared foods, as well. The reason it can be so allergenic for so many kids, is because it often irritates the gut lining in the stomach, causing something known as gastroesophageal reflux.

Chronic Diarrhea is sometimes actually linked to a gluten/lactose intolerance, lactose is a dairy sugar, for those unaware. Side effects may include things like gas and bloating. Often people who are allergic to gluten are allergic to lactose as well. So if you have one, try to find out if you have the other.

Chronic Ear Infections Are a huge pain in the… Well, the ear… Good joke right? Anyway, if you’re child seems to have chronic ear infections, there’s a high chance that he/she has dairy and/or soy sensitivity. Try having the child quit dairy and soy-related products for around a month and see if it makes a difference at all. Make sure to check ingredient lists thoroughly though, seeing as soy is an additive in lots of products that most wouldn’t of,

Hyperactivity, A common occurrence in many kids’ behavior. Hyperactivity does NOT always mean that your child is allergic to something, although it is possible, so you should always at least check. When it isn’t being caused by just good old young energy, it is usually associated with a sensitivity to artificial colors and sugars.

Children with Stunted Growth While it’s possible that your child is simply destined to be on the shorter end of the height scale, it’s also very possible that they’re gluten sensitive or even have a zinc deficiency. This occurs, normally, because of gluten intolerance, which then interferes with absorbing nutrients and ends up causing the body to fail at growing bigger bones, therefore, stunting the growth of your child.

That’s it! That’s all for now! We hope you enjoyed and that it helped you. Have a great day!


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