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How Prescription Drugs Affect Teens Today

Prescription Drugs

Recent studies show that the use of prescription drugs are now causing more deaths in teenagers compared to use of illegal street drugs such as cocaine and heroine.

Alexandria Ybarra, the current campus executive director of the APhA (also known as the American Pharmacists Association), revealed that teenagers these days have a wrong notion of drug abuse.

“Teens don’t understand that if you misuse prescription drugs you’re still abusing drugs. Just because it’s not a street drug doesn’t mean it’s not abuse,” she revealed during a recent interview.

Aside from this, cases related to painkiller abuse have alarmingly increased by almost quadruple in number between 1999 to 2013.

“From 1999 to 2013, the amount of painkillers, called opioids, prescribed and sold in the U.S. has nearly quadrupled and overdose deaths have quadrupled in lock-step,” Ybarra added.

There are several options on how to put these incidents under control, one of these options is through the use of Ibogaine together with a rehab program or counseling. This intervention has been proven in some cases worldwide, but unfortunately, Ibogaine treatment has not yet gained full support in most countries. Up to this date, the said treatment is not yet legally allowed in the US.

The success rate of Ibogaine treatment is higher compared to other conventional drug treatments. This is why more and more people choose to undergo this detoxification process rather than resorting to other techniques that may take more time and money before it shows results. Ibogaine treatment, combined with the standard treatment, increases the possibility of the intervention to be successful.

If you want to check out the entire article about how prescription drugs kill teenagers, read it here.


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