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How Important is Low Na High K Diet in Gerson Therapy

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One of the most effective cancer treatments that have been proven to be successful in curing hundreds of cancer patients in their advanced stage is the Gerson Therapy.

Dr. Gerson, the founder of the Gerson therapy, had meticulously experimented on different types of treatments on patients with cancer during the entire three decades of clinical trial. He made sure to always take note of those effective combinations and those that didn’t have any positive results. All these efforts resulted to a consolidated treatment procedure that became very useful in treating various cases of advanced cancer.

This type of treatment is constantly getting validated by physicians that try to find the best method for their patients. In an article written by Dr. Freeman Cope, he discussed how modifying the structure of water and the involvement of cation in the process supports the conclusions that Dr. Gerson came up during his medical trials with the cancer patients.

Gerson therapy requires a high potassium, low sodium diet. This nutritional regimen has been monitored closely, noting its effectivity in treating advanced cases of cancer. However, an accurate explanation on how this kind of diet regimen manages to the disease is still yet to be discovered.

Recent medical literature shows that an environment with high levels of potassium combined with low levels of sodium can somehow fix damaged cell proteins and turn them back to their normal composition. This means that the tissues affected by the disease is partially repaired when a strict high potassium low sodium diet is followed.

Dr. Cope said that Gerson Therapy required a couple of unique elements for it to work, but numerous successful cases justified its importance and proved that they are indeed essential in order to cure advanced cancer. During Dr. Gerson’s clinical trials, he tried to understand how his therapy became successful in treating those patients with advanced cancer. His conclusions led him to various theories about how the human body works and responds to extensive treatments. A lot of those theories needed to be further validated, while some were simply vague and quite impossible to understand. Those conclusions, however, serve an important part of the whole study as it implies that the approach used to treat the disease is indeed successful.

Another fact that Dr. Cope emphasized is that complying to the specific diet is essential to make the cancer therapy work. As mentioned, this diet requires following a strict regimen of high potassium combined with low sodium food products. Studies also showed that cancer patients who took in huge amounts of inorganic potassium solutions, in addition to the strict high potassium diet, regress quicker compared to other cancer patients.

Dr. Gerson tried to understand the biophysical and biochemical aspects of the treatment when he noticed that high potassium combined with low sodium diets are successful in treating the disease. During the clinical trials, Dr. Gerson noticed that cancer patients often have signs of tissues degeneration possibly due to the toxins that are produced by the cancer. Aside from this, he noticed that the mortality of cancer patients increases when physicians try to treat the cancer using other medical methods. These methods do destroy the cancer, however, it greatly affect the body’s liver, which in turn gets damaged due to the poisons being administered. These poisons causes the liver to gain sodium and lose potassium. Aside from the treatment, cancer patients further lose some more sodium in their body through body excrements like urine. This means that in order for the body to heal from the disease, excess sodium levels needed to be replaced by potassium in the affected tissues.

These events led Dr. Gerson to the general conclusion that the high levels of potassium in combination with low levels of sodium forces the body to heal the affected tissues destroyed by other cancer treatment options. Now that modern experimental methods result to more precise findings, validating Dr. Gerson’s theories can now be done more accurately.


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