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Immunotherapy helping fight against Cancer


How Immunotherapy has helped get closer to curing Cancer

Modern science and medicine advancements have seen hospitals treating cancer by offering immunotherapy protocols such as Coley’s Protocol and Growth Factors customized in conjunction with immunonutritional treatments based on the Gerson therapy.

Chronic degenerative diseases are now able to be reversed through holistic comprehensive immunotherapy. Examples of some diseases that can be reversed are Lymphoma Melanoma, Multiple Myeloma, Hodgkin’s Disease, Atherosclerosis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Candida, Lupus, Asthma, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, Paget’s Disease, Hepatitis, Allergies, Sjoegren’s Syn., Heart Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Grave’s Disease, Thyroid Disease, Hypertension, and many others.

The application of Immunotherapy continues to be the most efficient cancer therapy regime. The focus of the Immunotherapy is to remove the toxins from the body and restore its nutrients.

Clinical studies are focusing the immuno-stimulating dendritic cells at tumors and HIV. Scientists are working on advancements that focus on a wide array of infectious agents.

Modern studies also show that dendritic cells help supply the growth to the body’s potential immune reaction to eliminate disease cells. This information is encouraging more dendritic-cell-based medical therapies that help treat degenerative disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Heart diseases, high blood pressure, lupus, thyroid problems, colitis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, herniated disks and many other problems disappear with the application of the Gerson Therapy. The therapy even has effects on the improvement of Alzheimer’s disease if it is not in the advanced stages. Immunonutrition might also have advantageous effects in the pursuit to promote the clinical course of critically ill and surgical patients. These patients will often need an external supply of nutrients through the parenteral or enteral routes.

Extensive surgery is often accompanied with immunosuppression that has the side effect of weariness and death due to possible infection. Providing therapies that strengthen the immune system during this period may help reduce problems caused by infection. Patients that are critically ill have an even larger chance of detrimental issues than surgical patients do.

Therefore Gerson Therapy is a optimal immunotherapy protocol that boosts and supplements the positive recovery of patients that undergo surgery. Not only are the patients showing improvements to complex variable immune and inflammatory changes, but are also alleviating them as well. These are only recently being cataloged by western medicine.

The immune system and how nutrition can aid in fighting cancer and other diseases.

Certain nutrients, both macro and micro, have been shown to perform a governing role in the maintaining the body’s immune system. Both minor and major deficiencies of these micro and macronutrients are directly correlated with the deterioration of T cell related functions comparable to those seen in aging. A boosted Immune response has been directly correlated with a higher than average intake of dietary nutrients.

Many examiners have proposed that the nutritional status of the elderly are much lower than recommended, further adding to immunological changes. Economic, psychosocial, physical, chronic diseases and drug-related problems all take part in the lack of nutrient intake seen in the elderly. Zinc along with vitamins E, C, and B6 are being reported as nutrients that are below the Recommended Daily Allowance. Reaching the RDA or above for certain nutrients could help prevent the start of aging related immunological defects.


One of the most important functions for fending off disease and keeping your body in good health is the immune system. As we get older, the immune system tends to work in decreasing levels of efficiency. Nutrition plays a very important role in keeping the immune system up and running at optimal levels. Immune boosting foods, vitamins, and supplements are pretty much a requirement in maintaining a healthy immune system.




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