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Heal Your Pancreas With These 6 Really Healthy Foods

Heal Your Pancreas With These 9 Really Healthy Foods

Do you know what your pancreas does?

A lot of people don’t…

Whether know all about it or not,  it is vital you keep it healthy and up to speed…

Here are 6 really healthy foods that help out your pancreas…


A healthy pancreas is vital to overall health and problems with this particular organ and can lead to issues that effect the entire body. However, many of these herbs can help reduce damage and inflammation of the pancreas and even give relief to diabetics through pancreatic stimulation and management of blood sugar levels.


Rich in anti-oxidant phenols, oregano has the ability to modulate disorder like diabetes that are often the result of oxidative damage. Studies from the University of Massachusetts have shown oregano’s potential to manage blood sugar control even in the long term.


Calendula extract has been studied for its ability to inhibit a wide variety of cancer cells, including pancreatic cancer; it appears to be able to do this through strengthening the immune system through the activation of lymphocytes.


Dandelion contains compounds which have also been shown to be effective in the aggressive treatment of pancreatic cancer cells and can fight against them without appearing to damage healthy cells, always a consideration in cancer treatments.

Cedar Berries

Nutrient-rich cedar berries have been studied due to their ability to improve pancreatic function and to help stabilize the blood sugar, making it an excellent natural treatment for diabetes. It has also been shown to improve overall digestion.

Olive Leaves

Olive leaves contain a compound called oleuropein, which can help reduce inflammation of the pancreas and thus the pain and swelling which is associated with pancreatitis. It also helps protect against oxidative damage.


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