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GcMAF: Government Raids Research Facility to Seize Cancer Treatment


GcMAFIt’s no news that medical advancements, such as GcMAF,  are being snuffed out in America. The idea of doctors being warned, threatened, and even killed for attempting to push for cures and treatments is not something farfetched. it’s all in the name of keeping medicine as a sick care industry under strict surveillance and control.

Dr Bradstreet was working with a naturally occurring molecule in the body before being found dead in a river with a bullet hole in his chest. The doctor was working with what is referred to as GcMAF, which has the ability to help most people with cancer. It’s also shown signs of nullifying autism in many of the patients that have applied it.

GcMAF treatments is considered by the US FDA as an unapproved drug.

Despite this, it is legal to get this treatment in many different nations around the planet. This is, again, the detriment to medicinal science from moving forward. The US government raided Dr. Bradstreet’s work place to seize GcMAF and to put a stop to both his research and hist treatment of people with cancer. The government goes through great lengths to stop Dr. Bradstreet while Big Pharma still gets to release untested drugs to the masses as long as it’s making money.

A cure that can fight and destroy all forms of cancer would ultimately destroy the money making machine of the cancer treatment industry. Hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and even the American Cancer Society would crumble. All of them are sustained by money from chemo and other treatments that don’t cure. It simply doesn’t work making it so that people have to keep coming back to get treated.

With a business practice of keeping it’s patients from being cured and just “treating” them until death, it comes as no surprise that the industry would kill those that threaten to stop their income. There is an odd case of murders of holistic doctors. Most of these doctors were working on alternative treatments and advancements toward a cure to cancer making conventional treatments a thing of the past.

The Gc protein has had many administrations to many patients in which all have completely destroyed tumors and allowed patients to live for more than four years without recurrence. GcMAF is a blood product that can treat a wide array of diseases such as cancer, HIV, and even Autism. Over ten thousand vials of GcMAF were confiscated and are no longer being produced. It was once sold by websites based in Europe.



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