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Food as Medicine: 7 Cancer-Fighting Foods to Enhance Your Health

cancer-fighting foods

As Hippocrates said, “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Now more than ever, studies show that what you eat can make a life-or-death difference for your overall health, including preventing dangerous diseases like cancer.

Although no single food can guarantee you from ever developing cancer, there are several foods containing cancer-fighting properties that can help to lower your risk. By regularly incorporating these 7 vital foods into your diet, you can give yourself a great chance against cancer and other harmful diseases.

1. Apples

cancer-fighting foodsApples contain polyphenols, plant-based compounds that help to fight inflammation, heart disease, and infections. Polyphenols also contain anticancer properties that may help to thwart tumor growth. Studies have shown that phloretin, a type of polyphenol, can prevent a protein called glucose transporter 2 (GLUT2), which contributes to cell-growth in certain kinds of cancers.

2. Berries

cancer-fighting foodsBerries contain significant amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, and antioxidants. Antioxidants are crucial in preventing the damage from free-radicals that can eventually lead to cancer. Studies have also shown that anthocyanin, found in blackberries, can lower certain biomarkers for colon cancer.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables

cancer-fighting foodsCruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and kale include loads of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. They also contain sulforaphane, which is a plant compound that has anticancer properties. Studies have shown that sulforaphane can prevent cancer cell growth in general and can promote the death of colon cancer cells.


4. Carrots

cancer-fighting foodsCarrots are high in vitamin K, vitamin A, and antioxidants. They also contain large amounts of beta-carotene, which makes them orange. Beta-carotene is essential for immune system support, and may stave off several kinds of cancers. Studies have shown that beta-carotene can reduce the risk of breast, prostate, and stomach cancers.

5. Fatty Fish

cancer-fighting foodsFatty fish includes salmon, mackerel, and anchovies. These kinds of fish contain nutrients like vitamin B, potassium, and most important, omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that people who consume regular amounts of freshwater fish show a 53% decreased risk of colorectal cancer.

6. Legumes

cancer-fighting foods

Legumes like beans, peas, and lentils are very high in fiber, which can help lower colorectal and breast cancer risk. Studies have shown that those with diets high in bean fiber had lower risk of both cancers.



7. Walnuts

cancer-fighting foodsAll nuts contain properties that can help to prevent cancer, but walnuts in particular have cancer-fighting properties. They contain pedunculagin, which the body turns into urolithins. These compounds can bind to estrogen receptors to prevent breast cancer.


While these 7 powerful foods can help to decrease your cancer risk, they aren’t enough. You also need to make sure you decrease your consumption of foods that prevent optimal health, like sugars, red meat, and unhealthy fats. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is another way to boost your overall health and keep yourself at a health weight.

Choose the right foods and let them be your medicine — it’s one of the best ways to prevent diseases like cancer.



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