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Fighting Sadness: Foods That Naturally Help People With Depression


Unfortunately, many people suffer from depression, in extremely severe and also more mild forms. Often it seems like there’s no escape, and while there are other things that can be done, including expensive supplements and drugs, so many of which have dangerous side effects, (often including suicide)

Instead of opting for that option, we recommend trying something more natural in the beginning, food is often one of the main culprits for how you feel, whether your depressed, elated, angry, whatever…

So now here are some foods that help ward off depression, and even help fight it off in the darkest of times. We hope it helps you and/or someone you love.

Swiss Chard
This colorful vegetable is not as well known as some of it’s leafier counterparts, but it’s incredibly healthy, especially when it comes to fighting depression. The reason for this? Swiss chard is extremely rich in magnesium, which around 80% of all americans have been shown to be deficient in. It also helps increase energy levels, plus it has studies to back it up. On study that was done not too long ago showed that people with lower levels of magnesium actually are more likely to suffer from depression than others because of it.

Sweet Potato
Some of the main benefits of sweet potatoes include their high beta-carotene and Vitamin B-6 content, both of which play a huge role in helping people’s mental health. They help with different types of mood disorders, plus they just enhance the quality of your overall mood. However you eat them or prepare them, they’re really a great option for coping with depression, no matter what.

Cherry Tomato
Cherry tomatoes have a large amount of something called lycopene, an antioxidant that’s actually been known for lifting people’s spirits you can also find it in regular tomatoes, although the only difference is that you have to cook the tomatoes in order for the lycopene to be released in a way that the body can use it. Even if you’re not overly fond of tomatoes in general, you should really try cherry tomatoes, seeing as they’re so helpful, and also that they definitely have a different and more wide variety of tastes than the regular kind of tomatoes.

Spinach is so healthy, it’s overall nutritional value is just through the roof, plus tons of additional vitamin, mineral, and other key nutrients plus it has tons of folic acid and chlorophyll, both of which help battle depression and also help out the body in so many other ways. While the taste is definitely not one that most people prefer, it can be prepared in so many ways that at the end of the day, you’ll probably be able to find one that you like. Besides that though, it’s pretty darn amazing and should help you out, whether you suffer from depression or not.

Bananas have always been a favorite of mine, they taste great, they’re easy and cheap to get, plus they go great with so many things, but the health benefits that most people aren’t aware of are astounding. They have tons and tons of valuable nutrients, plenty of potassium, plus they help with energy levels, overall nervous system function and cell development. But don’t forget about the Vitamin B, especially for depression, it’s extremely helpful because of it adept ability to help get rid of anger, stress, and irritation in the body.


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