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EXPOSED!!! 100:1, The Cancer Killing Ratio? How This Combination May Help People With Cancer.


INVESTIGATION: Cancer is something that has affected nearly every single person in some way.  It is the second leading cause of death in the world. In the United States alone there were 1,658,370 new cancer cases diagnosed and over 620,00 people died waiting for a “trial” or waiting so see if their insurance would cover the newest immunotherapy only to discover that it was not for the cancers they have.

Now imagine if there was an FDA study in 2006, on a “substance” that showed to stop the velocity of PSA increase in prostate cancer.

Now imagine that when scientists started using this “substance”, they found out it weakened cancer cells against chemo, by over 600%.

Now imagine that this “substance” was actually a patented combination of vitamins in a pill; one of which required a prescription in the United States and in some other countries, thus making it unavailable to the rest of the world.

Seems to good to be true, right? And also a vitamin? Why would a vitamin need a prescription?

What Is This Substance That They Used To Treat Cancer?

The substance in the FDA study went by the name Apatone and is a novel combination of Vitamin C and K3 (Menadione), at a very specific ratio of 100:1. Note: Menadione is not available in the United States. 

What Apatone aims to do, is selectively target tumors. It does this by entering cancer cells through the glucose transport system and then suppresses certain inflammatory reactions that the cancer cells use to escape chemotherapy. It has helped prostate cancer patients, who were getting no help from chemo, to start making progress knocking out the cancer.

That’s the vitamin C and vitamin K3 at work. According to Science News, “This non-toxic approach weakens and kills cancers in a novel way.”

The key to this may be Otto Warburg’s glycolysis theory of how glucose may be precious to cancer cells. Otto Warburg believed that cancer cells needed to burn glucose for energy. So, that’s why you may have heard that sugar is the last thing you want to be eating in the face of cancer.

Well, the real key here is that Apatone resembles glucose! So it is preferentially taken into cancer cells, via the glucose transport system, where it accumulates. It also supplies quinone and creates oxidation which may weaken the cancer cell and destroy it from within.

But before we get more into how the ingredients in how Apatone work, we must first have a better understanding of cancer cells.

The Science Behind How Cancer Cells Work

From a biological perspective cancer cells have some remarkable features

  • They are deficient in DNase activity
  • Low levels of antioxidant enzymes – this why many cancer cells hate oxygen!
  • High rates of glucose absorption – is this why they say cancer loves sugar?
  • And most cancer cells accumulate Vitamin C

During the early phase of cancer formation, scientists have noticed that DNase activity is reduced.

On the other hand, the reactivation of DNase has been seen in the early stages of spontaneous or induced tumor cell death.

This intrigued scientists so much so that in 1994 they were attempting to introduce small amounts of DNase to induce cancer cell death.

But what does this mean for the Apatone? How does DNase relate to it?

Well guess what?….Vitamin C and K3 have been shown to reactivate DNase activity!

That’s right. The mechanism which was seen in the early stages of cell death can be reactivated by 100:1 Vitamin C and K3!

The big question is, "Can This Work With Cancer?"

Many doctors believe that vitamin C is cytotoxic against malignant melanoma cells, human leukemia cells, neuroblastoma cells, tumor ascites cells, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and epidermoid carcinoma.

Many doctors also believe that Vitamin K3 is cytotoxic against tumors of the breast, stomach, lung, colon, nasopharyngeal, cervix, liver, leukemia, and lymphoma cell lines.

So how do you combine the two?

The Mice Who Got Better With 100:1 Vitamin CK3

Scientists combined vitamins C and K3 at a ratio of 100:1, after in vivo administration in tumor bearing mice and found the following:

Cancer growth was reduced in transplantable liver tumor (TLT)-bearing mice.

The mice had an increase in life span of 45.8%.

Neither Vitamin C nor Vitamin K3 administered by itself has any significant effect on the life span of TLT-bearing animals. It must be in the 100:1 ratio.

In addition to those results, the scientists started noticing a synergy with mice who CK3 and chemotherapy.

  • The group of mice treated with the chemotherapy drug cyclophosphamide only increased their life span by 23%.
  • Whereas the group of mice treated with cyclophosphamide and CK3, increased their life span by 59.5%

Excited with what they had discovered, the scientists decided to start “pre-treating” mice that had cancers that were resistant to chemo.

Here is what they found:

  • The pretreatment of the mice with CK3 before injection of Oncovin increased the life span by 97.3%.
  • Additional examinations of the mice did not indicate any signs of toxicity in normal organ and tissues.

What Happened When They Used Vitamin CK3 Without Chemotherapy In An FDA Trial?

In March of 2008 an FDA Phase I/II Study was done on 17 end stage prostate cancer patients. They were treated with Vitamin C and K3 in a 100:1 ratio under the drug name Apatone.

Unlike the mice, the cancer patients were NOT on chemotherapy.

The trial lasted 12 weeks, and much like mice, the cancer patients got better.

The Apatone was shown to nearly stop all of the velocity projections of PSA’s. Apatone significantly slowed the cancer; 16 out of 17 patients responded positively (no chemo agent that I know of has equaled that!)

Moreover, 15 patients continued to take Apatone after the trial and only one death occurred after 14 months of treatment.

The doses were: 5,000 mg of Vitamin C and 50 mg of Vitamin K3. – 100:1

The doctors concluded that Apatone showed promise in delaying biochemical progression in this group of end stage prostate cancer patients.

A study done at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, combined Apatone with the chemotherapy drug Gemcitabine and showed that the Aptaone by increased the effectiveness of the chemo by over 600% ,with NO extra toxicity.

Since then the ingredients in Apatone have been studied with:

  • Bladder Cancer
  • Glioma Cells
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Cancer Cell Death
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Antitumor Activity
  • Autoschizis
  • Low Dose Chemo
  • Reduction of DNase Activity
  • Checkpoint Inhibitors
  • And more…
  • More and more studies kept revealing positive results from Apatone, yet there were no more human trials. It appeared that the high cost of another FDA trial was too prohibitive and yet once again money would come in the way progress.

    Apatone Brought Back To Life At The World Famous CHIPSA Hospital Cancer Research Center In Mexico!

    Regarded by many in the “know”, Chipsa Hospital is one of the most cutting edge cancer research centers. They have been on the forefront of advanced integrative treatments and immunological therapies for over 38 years.

    In 2018 CHIPSA will be producing a documentary that will include many of their long term 5+ year Stage 4 survivors. It’s no surprise that if Apatone made a resurgence, that it would happen at CHIPSA Hospital.

    In 2016 CHIPSA became the first hospital in the world to add Apatone to nearly all of its treatment protocols.  Unlike the phase 1 FDA Trial, CHIPSA used an IV version through a port, installed at the hospital.

    Since then, CHIPSA has used Apatone with low doses of chemotherapy, checkpoint inhibitors and other immunotherapy treatments.

    In the hospital, some patients choose to use Apatone with or without chemo, but those patients taking low doses of chemotherapy were seen to have faster responses than those not taking chemotherapy.

    Laura used Apatone at CHIPSA

    Laura Payne used Apatone at CHIPSA

    Until now the only way that you could get Apatone was through an IV port at CHIPSA Hospital.

    Apatone +  Available In Mexico As A Supplement, So You Do NOT Need A Prescription

    Despite Aptaone’s origins and studies in the United States, the 100:1 ratio of Vitamin C and K3 may not be available to the public for years to come. The sad fact is that approval procedures can take decades and in the meantime, options are limited.

    But there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Unomedica, a nutritional company, recently gained approval in Mexico for 100:1 Vitamin C and K3 as a supplement! The same pro-vitamins that were used in the FDA study and at CHIPSA are now available for purchase in Mexico.

     Note: Apatone +™  cannot be shipped, so those wishing to purchase must travel to Tijuana to pick up a bottle.

    At the time of the writing of this articlem it must be noted that Unomedica is the only company licensed to manufacture at distribute Apatone + ™. Any other company claiming to have Apatone + ™ or 100:1 Vitamin C and K3 in a pill,  is most likely a fraud.

    One of the reasons for this, is that the ingredients in Apatone + ™ must be kept frozen. When they touch, a strong redox reaction occurs and fraudulent Apatone will fall apart as soon as you get home. Ironically this reaction is one of the things that makes Apatone + ™ so powerful and why Unomedica takes so much care with their packaging.

    Apatone + ™ has the proven ratio of 100:1, is pre frozen to preserve potency, laboratory tested and contains no added toxins.

    When you pick up your Apatone + ™ it is handed to you in a cooler bag designed to keep your Apatone + ™ at the precise temperature until you arrive home. Yes! These bag are specially designed to withstand crossing the border and the plane ride home.

    Apatone + ™ will give your daily dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin K3 (menadione)

    200 mg Vitamin C Per Pill

    2mg K3 Per Pill

    Note: Apatone must be purchased for pickup in Tijuana. It cannot be shipped

    Apatone + ™ Only Available At UnoMedica Website


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    1. What is the best treatment for spelentic lymphoma will this pill work for me I have been in remission for three years now

      • Be careful with the zometa. it is the only one i recignize that you are taking. if you start having jaw pain at all, quit taking the zometa. it breaks down the jawbones and you lose all your teeth.

    2. Call Pablo at Unomedica. He can answer all your concerns. 619-738-6224.
      Tell him John from Florida gave you his number.

      • The reason being is that when real vitamin c and k3 are together, they oxidize. That is what makes it potent for cancer. People have been getting fake Ck3 and it falls apart in their hand. During the FDA trial they got around this a patented frozen version of this.

      • Not exactly, they start oxidizing when combined which is why they must be packaged like this. There have been lots of people getting scammed with fake apatone.

    3. Call, 619-738-6224. Ask for Pablo. Tell him John from Florida gave you the number. He will do the rest. No answer, make sure you leave a message and phone number.


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