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EVOX ZYTO: The Next BIG THING In Cancer Treatment

EVOX ZYTO: The Next BIG THING In Cancer Treatment

Ty Bollinger: Dr. Cowden, if you could share with me, what techniques are you currently using to treat cancer, and you are actually teaching doctors to treat cancer?

Dr. W. Lee Cowden: I practiced until 2009, and then after that, started teaching other practitioners what I had learned over the previous 30 years. This technique that I find extremely helpful in dealing with cancer patients, especially the advanced cancer patients, is called recalled healing. And so, practitioners can learn about that by going to our academy website, acimconnect.com. There on the website, we have four, 13-hour courses, so 52 hours worth of education about the recall healing.

The principle of recall healing is that you identify the diagnosis, and based on the diagnosis, you can tell what the emotional conflict is that would have brought on the diagnosis. And then once you know the emotional conflict, and the time of the onset of the illness, then you can actually go back and identify what the events were that probably triggered the cancer.

It’s not a complicated process, but you have to have the patient have an aha moment. So you can’t tell them what the conflict is; you have to ask the leading questions that finally makes them to realize what the conflict is. That’s the key. The way that I teach practitioners to do this is to learn the use of the EVOX device.

EVOX is ZYTO tech – ZYTO dot com technology. With the EVOX, the patient speaks into a microphone. The microphone’s not recording their words, but it’s recording the frequencies that are embedded in their voice. And after 15 seconds of speaking about a person or an event, displayed on the computer screen are all the emotions and all the beliefs that you have about that person or about that event.

What happens then is that the person seeing that on the computer screen, it becomes an aha moment for them at that moment. They see emotional issues that they were not aware of 15 seconds earlier, and so then that gives the brain an opportunity to start a healing process.

In addition to that, the device converts their own voice frequencies into a homeopathic, homochords [PH], basically a higher level of energy that it delivers back to the patient through an electrode that the patient has their hand on, while they are listening to pleasant music and watching faintly flashing lights through their closed eyelids. When we create a marriage between the EVOX therapy and the recalled healing, you get an extremely powerful combination.

Now I sometimes will encourage practitioners to add one other tool to that. It ‘s called EZOV, not to be confused with EVOX. But EZOV are drops of extracts of a hyssop that’s been quanti-physically imprinted with 45 combinations of energies that make it act like a very complex homeopathy. And so when you take the EZOV drops at bedtime, and you don’t do anything else, you actually change your dream state.

If you’ve had a repetitive dream that never gets resolved, you have a dream that finally resolves that conflict. If you have always dreamed in black and white, you start dreaming in color. If you never remembered your dreams before, you start remembering your dreams.

But if you start the EZOV drops some days in advance of the EVOX and recalled healing session, then the patient comes for the EVOX and recalling healing session. And you take the history, figure out what the conflict would be, start doing some I call round-about questions to the patient so that they can try to get at some of that.

When you finally hit the mark, if they do not get a full breakthrough and the resolving of that emotional conflict, then you do the EVOX session, and then they can finish the resolution of that conflict.

Ty Bollinger: So one of the main keys is resolving the emotional conflicts.


Dr. W. Lee Cowden: What I’ve learned over the last 30 some odd years is that the body develops a symptom, because usually of an inflammatory process. The inflammation usually comes from microbes in the body and the immune system response to the microbes, or toxins in the body and the immune system response to those toxins. There are sometimes both toxins and microbes in immune system response.

But anyway, the toxins will hang up in the body, in my experience, where there is an unresolved conscious or subconscious emotion, usually a subconscious emotion for the deepest, physical diseases that we have.

The emotion that has the greatest impact on the physical health are the emotions that we experience in the womb. So before we are even born we are picking up mom’s emotion and dad’s emotion and carrying those forward into our life. And then the second most impactful on our physical health, are the emotions that we experience in the first year of life. And the third most impactful are the emotions that we experience in the second year of life, and so on.

So by the time you’re about a teenager, then usually you do not have much impact on the physical health from emotions that you experience unless it is scraping the scab off of a wound − an emotional wound that was in your being from in the womb or early childhood.


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