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Eating, Not Treating: Foods That Battle Cancer

Eating Not Treating: Foods That Battle Cancer

Ty Bollinger: What are the most important foods in your opinion that have medicinal value that can help to prevent disease, cancer?

Dr. Bradford Weeks: Well, the first thing there is to be well-hydrated. Good quality water. I’m against fluoride in water. I’m against chlorine if possible. I’m fortunate that we have an artisan well. I like mineral water, spring water. I’m not a big fan of the alkaline water process, but certainly the body has to be well-hydrated.

What is important about that Ty, you may not notice but any addictive process whether it’s cocaine or heroine or coffee or cigarettes is tougher to break if the person is dehydrated. So the first thing I do with someone who is, for example, an addict, is I rehydrate and I stabilize blood sugar.

Now, what is interesting about nicotine, for example, is it clears the system quicker if you are dehydrated, so the patient is reaching for another cigarette. If you are well hydrated they are not quite sure when the nicotine left their system.

It’s the same thing. Cancer, all of the illnesses we pay attention to are less problematic if the person is well hydrated. And water is a tremendous anti-inflammatory of course. I’m a fan of anti-inflammatory diets. I’m a fan of eating real food. Eating living food.

It’s astonishing to me that we even have this category called “junk food.” I like to tell my patients there is no such thing as junk food. There is food and there is junk and even though the junk can taste like food, it’s not food. That it’s really not going to do what food is going to do, which is nourish you.

Ty Bollinger: It’s kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it?

Dr. Bradford Weeks: It is indeed. The thing which I have paid a lot of attention to recently is eating seeds. Now I am going to use that term generally. Seeds will include nuts, will include beans. Anything which you can put in the ground that will grow – a pea would be a seed in that regard. Eggs, something like that. Caviar in particular. Fabulous.

Seeds are tremendously valuable because the seed is such a wise little packet. It concentrates nutrients about 20-fold and 30-fold more than the rest of the fruit. So it’s this fabulous packet of concentrated nutrition and what we know is that it’s got all sorts of genetic spare parts. If it’s not going to be a seed that grows into a plant, that is available for you and I to repair our DNA and our RNA with. It also has tremendous stem cell pre-cursors, especially in the husk of seeds.

So, I encourage my patients to drink plenty of water. I like the urine to be light. I encourage them to eat seeds and nuts, raw, organic, non-X-rayed, non-irradiated as much as possible and green leafy vegetables and so forth.

Ty Bollinger: A living diet. A living food diet.

Dr. Bradford Weeks: Life comes from life. On the other hand, I had this gal today was saying to me, “I eat a very strict diet, but sometimes I cheat.” I said “Great, good. Sometimes have a blast.”

The goal isn’t what we’re taught in school. It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. And once you get cancer everybody forgets that. “I just need to prolong life.” So the real challenge is to keep the quality and the quantity.


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