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Does Working Out Improve Your Brain Function?


We all have heard the saying – a healthy mind in healthy body, but now, scientists have actually proven that to be true. Turns out that increasing muscle strength can improve brain function in people with mild problems with memory.

A research was carried out, that included 100 people from ages 55 to 86. All of the included subjects had mild problems with memory and thinking. People included in this study had to do weight training two times a week. Volunteers did the training for at least six months until they reached at least 80 percent of their maximum muscle strength.

The results showed that the volunteers who reached at least 80% of their muscle strength, presented significant improvements of their cognitive functions. Even after finishing the supervised training sessions, the improved function lasted for at least a year.

Researchers are now sure, that the cognitive function can be improved by using exercise. It is important to guide adults to choose active lifestyle, because it can not only improve cognitive function, but also slow the process of brain aging.

Resistance training, like weight lifting when supervised can be a great way hoe to stay in good shape, not only physically, but also mentally. It is also important to keep exercising frequently in order to maintain muscle strength and vigorousness.  By exercising at least twice a week, the brain can benefit the most.


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