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Are You Craving Weird Food? Bacteria May Be The Culprit

Are You Craving Weird Food? Bacteria is The Culprit

We all have general preferences when it comes to what food we choose to eat, and plenty of us have VERY, VERY particular preferences… Some of us more than others…

One of the main reasons that pregnant woman have extremely different tastes than normal is because of all the different chemicals and hormones that are going on inside of their bodies. It’s no different for other people, without special circumstances (such as pregnancy, in this case)

You see, there’s something in all of our bodies that we all have A LOT of and that plays a VERY important role in our everyday life and our everyday choices, in this case, what we decide to eat… What is this little thing that’s SO influential to my daily life? You might ask… Well, I’ll tell you, even though you might already know the answer, it is… Bacteria!



It’s something we all have, that we all know exists, and yet so many people are absolutely oblivious to so many of the effects it has on us. One of the most common effects that bacteria has on us is our food cravings, so, if you’re craving some really weird stuff recently, bacteria is probably to blame, here’s why.

How & Why Bacteria Effects Our Dietary Preferences On A Daily Basis:

Our story will begin with a certain study that was done in order to show exactly what we’re teaching you today, how exactly bacteria plays a such a huge part in what are food cravings are. Before we start, here’s a little interesting fact that will come in handy in just a moment… Are you ready? Here it is: Active bacteria outweigh human cells by 100 to 1…

There, now that you know that, we can move onto the study. You see, researchers have discovered that humans actually have quite the self-sustaining eco-system for all that bacteria inside our bodies. What does this mean though? It means, that when your craving something that’s particular funky, or any type of nourishment for that matter, it actually could just be the bacteria talking, asking to be fed.

Ok… Time to talk about what actually went on during the study.

Basically, what happened was that different teams of researchers from the famous Arizona State University and University of New Mexico actually delved directly into the very deep depths that is the subject of microbes, during their research they examined the evidence that pointed to eating habits being directly influenced by certain hungry bacteria.

One of the many, many reasons that this study was so important was because, at the end of the day, understanding just how these microbes work on the inside of your body work in order to influence your eating habits could actually end up being an absolutely sensational development for modern medicine and health… Seeing as it could be used to help control certain methods of weight gain/weight loss, as well as help fight obesity and other food related problems.

Isn’t that amazing? We’re hoping that more research will eventually be done on this topic in order to better harness the power of bacteria in this particular part of the health world. Have a great day!


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