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Everything You Need to Know About Coffee Enemas

coffee enemas

Being a coffee connoisseur doesn’t end in just knowing different coffee facts, but if one is willing to try non-traditional way of utilizing coffee in improving one’s health. It may be a known fact that drinking coffee has its benefits, but have we reaped all the rewards that this antioxidant beverage can offer us? It may sound unconventional to hear about infusing coffee directly to your colon, but studies show that coffee enemas are an efficacious way to wash out toxins out of your lower intestines and help improve your health.

coffee enemas

So what are coffee enemas? They are known to aid in flushing out toxins, bacteria, yeast from the digestive tract (including liver and colon; like those that cause candida symptoms), while also decreasing inflammation, as well as fungus, and heavy metals. Result? Helping people reset their bowel functions and movements to increase energy levels and also treat the diseases and disorders that have been troubling them for a long time.

As crazy as this may sound, various types of natural detoxification have been practiced for thousands of years, with the belief that this helps improve general health aside from restoring digestive function. 

Different types of natural enemas are getting more popular as people realize that doctors’ prescriptions and common laxatives flunks in addressing the underlying cause of their digestive disorders. These enemas include fecal transplants.

While still not socially embraced, coffee enemas as a way to heal illnesses is not new. In fact, coffee enemas have been discovered and practiced since the late 1800s. At the time, they were used to aid in speeding up healing post-surgery or to fight cases of accidental poisoning. Although it had been around for thousands of years, it was only first made famous by the Gerson Institute back in the 1950s when the institute began using coffee enemas as means to combat cancer. Others turn to coffee enemas when traditional treatments and prescriptions don’t work well.

As of late, coffee enemas are used by doctors of functional and alternative medicines as part of the natural treatment protocols for treating overdoses, constipation, liver dysfunction, fighting cancer, parasites, candida virus, IBS, and other digestive disorders.

How a Coffee Enema Works

So how do coffee enemas work? The Gerson Institute shares that the primary motive of coffee enemas is to remove the toxins that have been collected in the liver and then removing these free radicals from the digestive tract and bloodstream. However, they also mentioned that it’s not just the caffeine in coffee that makes coffee enema effective. Studies show that the bioavailability of caffeine extracted from coffee enemas is approximately 3.5 times less than those obtained when drinking coffee orally.

It’s common knowledge that coffee beans contain antioxidants and beneficial compounds aside from caffeine, like theophylline, cafestol palmitate, kahweol, and theobromine, that have favorable effects on levels of inflammation within the digestive system. When consumed, either from drinking or directly injecting coffee into the colon, these compounds serve as a cathartic that causes contraction in the colon muscles, thus, helping stool move through the digestive tract, resulting in solving cases of constipation.

Regular bowel movements are obviously beneficial for flushing out waste and toxins. A study has shown that coffee enema caffeine and other compounds travel through the hemorrhoidal vein to the liver. The caffeine opens up the blood vessels, relaxes muscles that aid in bowel movements and then improve the circulation. When it gets to the liver, it is believed that coffee helps open up the bile ducts and shoots up the production of bile needed for digestion and excretion.

Another research by the University of Minnesota shows that coffee enema helps stimulate the making of the beneficial enzyme in the liver called glutathione S-transferase. This enzyme acts like an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and blood cleanser.

Research also shows that caffeine from coffee enemas aid with:

  • restoring the digestive tissue
  • cleansing the liver
  • enhancing blood circulation
  • increasing immunity
  • helping with cellular regeneration
  • boosting gut health

Benefits of a Coffee Enema

1.Rise in Antioxidant Activity

Coffee enemas are believed to up the production of glutathione S-transferase more than the normal levels. Suzy Cohen, pharmacist and medicine practitioner, says that often times, people buy glutathione in supplement form, so opting for producing your own through enemas can be cost-effective and more valuable. One of the powerful features of the enzyme is its capacity to hunt for free radicals within the digestive tract that causes inflammation, poor gut health, cellular damage, and liver disease. Once the free radicals are counterbalanced, the bile that is produced from the liver and gallbladder are then freed out of the body through bowel movements.

  1. Helps Fight Cancer

A study called “A Cancer Therapy” published in 1958 by Max Gerson, M.D. proves the success of the use of coffee enemas in thousands of cancer patients. It was reported that he used coffee enemas as organic cancer treatment. He also pioneered the use of anti-inflammatory diet along with other nutritional supplements and everyday enemas to help speed up the body’s detoxification.

National Cancer Institute also shares that an organic vegetarian diet coupled with pancreatic enzymes and coffee enemas were the main attributes of the Gerson Therapy. This therapy’s mission is to strengthen the immune system of cancer patients and refresh their electrolyte balance (such as levels of potassium in cells). One of the amazing results of this natural treatment by doing up to six coffee enemas a day is that many of the patients were able to stop taking their pain medications and even helped restore their liver functions and repair their tissues.

  1. Improves Detoxification

Coffee enemas help remove toxins out from the digestive tract and the bloodstream, more like a “dialysis of the blood”, process-wise. Dialysis is a forced or artificial method of improving detoxification, which is exactly what coffee enemas do to decrease wastes. The main role of the enema is to naturally rid the colon of harmful wastes that may lead to diseases. “Astringent” was also used to describe how coffee works since it aids in the rejuvenation of the digestive tract as it peels of the top layer of the skin/mucous membranes. Some scientists believe that the top layer of the gut lining might hold extreme levels of toxins, thus the cleansing process helping the body speed up the cleansing process.

The water used in coffee enemas also have therapeutic effects. Hydrotherapy helps the body heal by flushing the colon and rectum as well as speeding up the travel time of the stool.

  1. Soothes Constipation

Constipation is considered one of the most common problems among adults. This is why laxatives are one of the most highly purchased over-the-counter medicines. If you suffer from regular constipation, it’s worth taking note that coffee enemas provide relief from natural constipation in many ways. 1) The increase in water that is injected in the colon helps in the gut’s peristalsis while also helping increase bile production. 2) Coffee enemas activate the colon as well as aiding in the removal of feces, toxins, and food residues that cause constipation. 3) Coffee helps clean out the diverticula in the colon. This are small openings in the colon wall that can cause residual food particles and bacteria to become trapped. 4) Along with cutting out inflammatory foods like sugar, white-refined flour, and hydrogenated fats that commonly slow down digestion, drinking plenty of water can improve diet.

How to Perform a Coffee Enema

Now that you know how coffee enema can be helpful for you, how can you perform enemas? It’s exciting to know that coffee enemas can be done in the safety and comfort of your own home.


  1. Add 2 tablespoons of organic coffee beans to a small pot along with 3 cups of filtered water. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 15 minutes.
  2. Let cool for about 15 minutes. Strain the coffee beans so you have one uniform liquid free from particles.
  3. Place the bucket at least 3 feet above you. You can try hanging the bucket on a towel rack or shower rail.
  4. With the valve shut, pour the Coffee into the bucket.
  5. Use a lubricant like coconut oil and coat the tip of the enema nozzle. Lay down on your right side in a fetal position and insert the nozzle into your rectum about 1 inch inside.
  6. Use the valve to start the flow of coffee and keep the liquid slowly enter your rectum through the nozzle until the bag or bucket is emptied. Squeeze in so the liquid doesn’t escape. Keep the coffee inside of you for about 12 to 15 minutes.


  1. To do a coffee enema at home, you’ll need an enema kit and fresh coffee beans. These kits can be bought in some health, food, or drug stores, and online. There are several types of kits. Simpler versions that are often times called “traveler’s kits”. Some are plastic bucket types that utilize gravity to help the enema work more effectively. Whichever type you think will work best for you, always look for on that has a tube and nozzle attached to either a bucket or bag that hangs above you when you lie down.
  2. Once you’ve bought an enema kit, it’s time to purchase the coffee beans. Make sure to purchase organic coffee and regular beans (not decaf) that are free from chemicals. The quality of the coffee will determine how effective your detoxification will be.
  3. If you suffer from inflammation and dysfunction, directly insert the chemicals into your digestive tract.
  4. A lot of people suggest keeping your coffee beans in the freezer so they retain most of the antioxidants.
  5. The best time to do a coffee enema is immediately after having a bowel movement (if possible) since it makes it more comfortable, more effective, and easier to retain longer. If your problem is constipation, you can still do an enema. Although many people perform enemas in the morning after going to the bathroom.
  6. It is highly recommended to do coffee enema once weekly or once daily (if you’re healing from a digestive disorder). In some cases, very ill patients, like cancer patients, perform coffee enemas multiple times a day. If you’re planning to detoxify frequently, it is best to buy reusable enema kits to save money.

Risks and Potential Side Effects of a Coffee Enema

Researchers from the Institute of Digestive Disease and Nutrition at the University of Korea have studied the possible side effects of coffee enemas in various cases and patients. They also looked into claims that people who perform coffee enemas usually don’t experience any complication or side effect. Coffee enemas have been considered a safe and feasible way for treating digestive complications. There were also no clinically significant adverse events related to coffee enemas to date.

It’s best to talk to a doctor before trying to perform coffee enema on your own, especially if you’ve experienced complications from performing enemas in the past. It’s recommended to be under a supervision and guidance of a medical professional if it’s your first time to try a coffee enema. In some cases, people are more comfortable to jump right into the process alone. However, although generally safe, coffee enemas aren’t commonly recommended for pregnant women or children for possible side effects from the caffeine.

Over-performing coffee enemas can come with certain side effects like tears in the colon, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances. Some tips to make the process more comfortable and effective is to always use a lubricant, going very slowly, and to follow directions carefully. To avoid burns, cool the coffee first and strain it well.

For people who have experienced tears and hemorrhoids in the past might find inserting the nozzle painful, so it is advisable to not force the process. Don’t start with performing the coffee enema more than one weekly. It is recommended to monitor your body’s reactions first to make sure you aren’t experiencing any signs of dehydration. Lastly, drink plenty of water when performing coffee enemas.


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