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Chia Seeds: Why You Should Eat This Superfood Nutrient Powerhouse


Chia seeds…

They still aren’t extremely huge, but they are super healthy…

This super-seed is absolutely PACKED with nutrients that are vital to your body being awesome..

Here’s why you should be eating them…

Tons Of Nutrients

Pound for pound, chia seeds have an amazing amount of nutrients and will provide you with lots of calcium, zinc, phosphorous, copper, manganese and other trace elements your body needs to function.

Low In Calories

Chia seeds, unlike some other kinds of seeds, are actually low in calories, clocking in at just 136 calories for one ounce of seeds. And 36 of these calories come from fiber, which is not digested anyways.

Rich In Antioxidants

The potent antioxidants found in chia seeds help to protect the body from oxidative damage, thus reducing the risks of some forms of cancer and slowing down the aging process.

Aids Digestion

Due to the fact that chia seeds contain a whopping 11g of fiber in just one serving, these are a great digestive aid, improving your body’s overall ability to break down food and eliminate wastes.

Assists Weight Loss

Chia seeds are a wonderful food to eat if you are dieting: because they absorb water and expand in your stomach, they will leave you feeling fuller for longer and cut down on the chances of overeating.

Heart Healthy

Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, chia seeds are an excellent food for support cardiac health and reducing tissue damage, plaque build-up and other cardiac risk factors.

Low Blood Pressure

Another risk factor for heart disease is high blood pressure, which regular consumption of chia seeds can lower, mostly due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Chia seeds help to slow the absorption of sugars in both the stomach and small intestines, which has the overall effect of stabilizing and regulating the blood sugar. Chia seeds are thus great for diabetics.


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