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Cancer Therapy: PNC-27, The Non-Toxic Protein Based Treatment

Cancer Therapy

Cancer Therapy

Cancer therapy: PNC-27, Are we one step closer to a cure?

Cancer therapy titles like the one above have been, for years, slapped in the top of articles in an attempt to garner attention. Things like cancer has been cured, eliminated, and eradicated are examples to name a few. Thing is that certain types of cancer therapy and methods are showing how effective they are against this disease with evidence and proof.

One of these treatments that has been in existence without much announcement goes by the name of PNC-27. This protein has shown promise as an alternative treatment when coupled with certain other cancer fighting regimes. It’s fought well against a large array of cancers such as leukemia, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, and other types of cancer as well.

This treatement, which is non-toxic, kills the fast growing and dividing cells while ignoring the others. PNC-27 does this by attaching to cancerous cell membranes and creating holes. These holes in the membrane cause the cells to collapse and other cancer cells to die because of the osmotic pressure difference from the inside to the outside cells. Each membrane of the cancer cells have a protein by the name of HDM-2. Once inside, the PNC-27 moves straight to the HDM-2 inside the membrane of the cancer cell. Afterwards, it quickly starts to form holes which starts to kill the membrane by a process called membraneolysis.

This protein has shown great strides within studies with mice, rats, and primates. There have even been human studies done outside the U.S. that have seen similar results. Problem is PNC-27 has had a hard time gaining traction here in the U.S. due to political constraints and the drug company monopolies. Cancer TherapyLooking at the past research studies helps one fully understand the efficiency of this treatment. There has been research that started looking towards using protein focused cancer treatments from 2006. It stated that:

Surprisingly, we have found that these peptides induce 100 percent tumor cell necrosis, not apoptosis, in 13 different human cancer cell lines but have no effect on normal pancreatic acinar cells, breast epithelial cells, and human stem cells.” Another study from summer 2014 researched the effectiveness of PNC-27 against leukemia cells and determined that: “PNC-27 is selectively cytotoxic to K562 cells, inducing nearly 100 percent cell killing…

Also a 2010 study looked at breast cancer cells and how PNC-27 effected it and determined that: “PNC-27 induces cancer cell membrane lysis…” (lysis refers to breaking down the cell membrane.) The perks that PNC-27 has in comparison to chemo and radiation therapy is that it’s got it’s own built in delivery mechanism, highly selective damage to only rapid dividing cancerous cells, Very unique and effective method to killing cancer cells, has no effect on other bodily systems (including immune, digestive, and respiratory).

in 1971, Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act. Many try to find the cure all to cancer but inevitably personal responsibility and lifestyle choices happen to be the biggest contributor to defeating this disease. PNC-27 and other focused, non toxic treatments are definitely major helpers in the fight against cancer. Changing a person’s food intake and lifestyle is that main thing regardless of the treatment or therapy used to try and handle the illness. There isn’t just one therapy / cure-all that can be a substitute for detoxifying the body, eating right to help the body recuperate, getting the right amount of sleep, lowering stress levels, and other changes in lifestyle that help the body heal. Cancer relapses are common in those that do not make the right changes regardless if they used chemo, radiation, etc.

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The terrible thing about all this is that it’s not even available to people in the United States. PNC-27 and many other alternative cancer treatments aren’t available in the U.S. which is the reason why Mexico has become a “hotspot” for Medical Tourism. Click here to get more information on types of cancer therapy in Mexico.


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