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Cancer Patient’s 10-Centimeter Mass Gone After 2 Months at CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico


John D. was diagnosed with terminal, stage 4 cancer after a fluid-filled sac on his neck grew into hard, 10cm lump. His doctors suggested he begin aggressive rounds of radiation and chemotherapy to save his life, but John wasn’t interested in the standard cut, poison, burn regimen. They didn’t think he’d be around in two months’ time.

Three years later, John is still here, but his tumor is not. 

How did John shrink his tumor without resorting to any of the three U.S. pillars of cancer treatment?

He searched for doctors who knew how to utilize his immune system, and he found them in Mexico at CHIPSA Hospital.

John’s Healing Journey

Having spent several months trying to access natural treatments in the U.S., John began to feel frustrated with his lack of options. He had confidence that his body could heal itself with the right tools, especially after he began a fresh juicing regiment that cured his life-long high blood pressure.

John’s doctors in the U.S. wouldn’t even discuss the alternative treatments he mentioned, and because he wasn’t willing to follow their specific plan, they had nothing left to offer him. He soon realized that if he wanted to have confidence in his care, he would have to look outside of the country.

John’s number one reason for choosing CHIPSA Hospital was the wide array of treatments that were available to him, including Insulin-Potentiation Therapy with low-dose chemo, Apatone, Coley’s toxins, ozone therapies, hyperbaric oxygen, and a complete nutritional regimen called Gerson therapy. Many of these treatments were of interest to John based on his own research, especially Coley’s toxins. He was relieved to have finally found doctors who not only considered the treatments he believed in, but were also experts at delivering them.

What attracted me to CHIPSA was that treatments that are not available in the United States are available here,” said John.The doctors on staff were also able to talk with me about any treatment I found curious or interesting. It was reassuring to have professionals who have done this before guiding me along the way.

He arrived at CHIPSA with a mass measuring around 10 cm long and over 3cm thick.

After 8 weeks at CHIPSA, it has almost completely disappeared. 

All that’s left is thin scar tissue that measures around 3cm.

John couldn’t be happier that he chose CHIPSA for his healing journey. Not only did he experience phenomenal results, he received the most wonderful care along the way.

I love the staff at CHIPSA,” said John. “The people. Everybody here cares. They are very patient with what we think we need. They are very patient with what they think we need and providing it. The environment here is really nice. We have a view from the hospital of the Pacific Ocean. If you crack a window you can hear the wind and the waves. It’s a nice environment. It’s a healing space.

One of the best parts about treating his disease at CHIPSA was that he didn’t have to do it alone. His wife Linda was allowed to come along with him to all of his treatments and she was intimately involved in his care. CHIPSA’s accommodation of his support system was integral to his healing.

Although John can’t imagine having gone anywhere else, he understands the hesitations that come up in trying to decide who will hold your life in their hands. Deciding to travel across the country to treat his cancer in an unfamiliar place was not an easy decision.

Looking back, John wished he had someone to tell him a few things:

First, Mexico is “very, very, safe,” he said. “Linda walks around by herself during the day and even after it gets dark. The whole population here is friendly. It’s one of the friendliest cities that I’ve ever been in.”

Second, he thinks it’s important to have the utmost confidence in your doctors. “I’d encourage you to compare the choices that you have and pick the one that gives you the confidence in what they are offering.

Lastly, he provides a testament of just how much the staff cares.

It’s a wonderful place to come to,” he said. “The people are friendly, kind and gentle. They’ll do treatments that you agree to. And if you don’t agree, you’ll talk it out.”

At no point did CHIPSA say they could cure John of his cancer. But they did offer to try, and they promised they’d hear him out on any idea he brought to the table. For John, that alone was enough. Having eradicated his entire tumor was just a bonus.

Editors Note: For more information on Chipsa Hospital and the treatments that John used please visit them here: https://chipsahospital.org/



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