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Can Cancer Be Cured? 22 Patients Say Yes.


22 people who were given death sentences recently gathered together to celebrate the fact that they are still alive, some more than 12 years after they were originally diagnosed with cancer.

CHIPSAIn what was bound to be a powerful event, “A Celebration of Life” united survivors with the collaborators who are working every day to make curing cancer a reality. The event began on the shores of Playas de Tijuana at CHIPSA Hospital, the cancer treatment center where the survivors were treated, and ended in San Diego, CA with a gala that did justice to true champions: those who have healed from late-stage cancer, and those who have made that healing a reality.

What made “A Celebration of Life” such a historic event?

CHIPSABesides the fact that gathering together 22 late-stage cancer survivors is exceedingly rare, the event also highlighted groundbreaking research that hasn’t been seen anywhere else. Experts in the field of immunology presented the cutting-edge treatments that have shown promising results. The audience heard from top researchers like Dr. Franco Marincola, Dr. Vijay Mahant, and Dr. Phillip Kim.

What sets CHIPSA Hospital apart is that it aims to heal patients from the inside out. Its treatments focus on nurturing the body through nutrition, supplements, and immunotherapies. Such methods have shown success for many years, but are only now being given recognition by mainstream medical communities in the U.S.

CHIPSAThe event revolved around a disease that causes so much death, but the focus was on survival. The entire weekend highlighted a world where cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. CHIPSA and its advisors imagine a future where cancer patients can go on to see the world, live out their retirements, and experience invaluable moments with their family members.

And the survivors at this event didn’t have to imagine such a world. They’re living in it.

But the powerful knowledge shared in San Diego can’t stay limited to a small community of people. If the world is going to experience the revolutionary treatments that may lead to a cure for cancer, the stories and evidence must be shared.

And who better to hear it from than the 22 people who beat the odds?

“Everybody that’s in this room, at one point in time, had to overcome one of the scariest things that’s ever happened,” said intake specialist Sarah Petersen. “Every time you share your story, do you realize the ripple that’s created in the world?” 



You can be a part of that ripple by signing up for early access to CHIPSA’s exclusive video release. The realities of these 22 survivors can become the realities of many more people in the world when evidence-based research is shared.



“When you can present solid evidence, moving forward, the skepticism will evaporate,” said Dr. Phillip Kim.“These treatments will no longer be ‘alternative.’ They may be the mainstream of how we treat the disease.”

Let’s make the “alternative” mainstream. Take part in this revolutionary moment where an impossible disease is becoming conquerable.

Editor’s Note: For more information on how you can get VIP access to the video release for free, please click here: https://chipsahospital.org/a-celebration-of-life


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