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Breast Cancer Treatment: Doctor from US Brings Wife to CHIPSA

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Hours and hours were poured into researching different types of breast cancer treatment when Dr. Dave Oldenburg found out that Shannon, his wife, had Stage 3 breast cancer. This extreme case is normally treated with chemo and radiation therapy here in the United States but, unfortunately, it wouldn’t do much good for her.  Dr. Oldenburg pressed on to find an alternative that would help fight his wife’s breast cancer. Later on it moved up to stage 4 and it was at that moment that they had decided that the Gerson diet coupled with Gerson Cancer treatment would be the answer to living a long healthy life without cancer.

The video at the top shows from the beginning all the way through the end of the 21 day treatment.  It goes over the paranoia of going all the way to Mexico and how it was washed away into calmness and relaxation. It shares she was treated by the staff and also her will to come back to CHIPSA to help with newcomers that more than likely have similar feelings that she did.

“I love the fact… they treat you like human beings; not just a number. The nurses, everybody, the cooks treat you like family and care about you. They genuinely care about you”

Dr.Oldenburg also puts in his two cents about the Breast Cancer treatment his wife received there.

Breast cancer treatment“The greatest value I have seen here, is every patient being treated for what is in their best interest and not the best interest of the institution. The doctors change up the therapies and protocols daily to suit the patient’s needs.”

He also mentions about the family oriented environment of CHIPSA and how it helps with the healing process. He went on to speak about how the CHIPSA cook teaches courses which give everyone learning the ability to create their own food for the Gerson Cancer Treatment. He talks about the miracle of seeing a patient in a wheelchair come in and then leave on their own two feet.

You can check the video up top to hear straight from Dr. Oldenburg and his wife about CHIPSA, the breast cancer treatment she received, and how they’re helping many others like them fight against cancer.


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